I’m packing you in!

..the suitcase that is.

Hello my lovely Wedding Belles, How has your weekend been? Fancy chatting about Destination Weddings with me?

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Ahhhh  …getting married abroad is such a lovely, lovely thing. If maybe a little more stressful than getting married in your home town, it is exhilarating and exciting to plan a holiday and wedding combined with sun, sea and escapism.


When couples ask me what my own wedding was like I take a moment to pause, as a wedding planner it makes sense of course to have had a huge, glitzy and full-on wedding, featuring all our favourite suppliers and lots of variety.


This weekend my husband and I celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary, we flew to California one sunny April day in 2006 and 8 days later we were married in our Santa Barbara hotel grounds, no guests and our jeans on within 30 minutes. It cost around $300 and we spent the rest on our 4 week honeymoon, travelling up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. So not glitzy and big budget, for a planner that feels like a sin.

It was the best time of my life. 

Photo 08-05-2012 09 09 32
That’s us – sorry not great quality pic
So are you thinking about or planning a destination wedding? How are you finding it? We often help couples coming to the UK to marry after leaving to live abroad in previous years.   It’s a fabulous resource for couples to have a professional UK based planner on the ground to oversee and co-ordinate everything on their behalf. However what do you do when you need to know about the do’s and don’ts for your chosen destination. What legal documents do you need? How can you find trustworthy suppliers? What is a good price to pay for a wedding supplier?

Image by Gulf Beach Weddings
Brides magazine have some excellent advice and inspiration when it comes to planning a wedding abroad, take a look here – website

Another great resource for support and information is Destination Wedding Details, their website is here and they have rounded up some top tips for you. Our favourites are these :

Be sure to select a smaller guest list, trim it down and only take those with you that are necessary. This sounds a little harsh maybe but bear in mind that the cost of paying for people to come abroad with you might get very costly and expecting your guests to pay for their own travel to a far off country might be an overstretch for some, this needs a lot of thought.

The key we think is really to have someone on your side in the country you choose to make the planning process easier on you.


Of course if you fancy handing everything over to the experts then an all-inclusive package might work for you, somewhere like ‘Secret Resorts’ offer some excellent luxury packages where you really do just turn up and fall in love with your wedding abroad. Visit them here for more information, we love to help and know these guys do too!

How about this for setting the theme when you have your heart set on a destination wedding?

Image and more ideas here
When researching some lovely unique destinations we found these favourites, what do you think?

Sundy House in Florida

Vermont Weddings
Image by Samo Rovan (Slovenia)
I’ll leave you with this pretty and simple hotel, it’s my ultimate favourite because it was my wedding venue, in Santa Barbara … we’d love to be back their for our anniversary. Sigh.

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Love, Marie (The Wedding Expert)



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