How to DIY your Wedding

Hello Wedding Belle,

Now you’d be forgiven for thinking that as a wedding planner I wouldn’t want to embrace the DIY side to wedding planning, for fear that this might make my role redundant. However over the years I have worked with couples I have found that some might have the wonderful creative imaginations but lack on time or ability to actually create the items they wish to have for their wedding day. Some also have the best intentions but no idea where to start, so with both of these situations I can help. A good wedding planner will help you to create a mood board (some of my personal favourites are below for you) and they will help source well priced items and stock you might need to help you create your desired decorations or stationery.

Midsummer Nights Dream Wedding.007

Simply Peachy
Take a look at some of the fabulous items I have helped with or found as a planner for some wonderfully creative brides and grooms.

These first images are from when I worked with Alison and Matt , who held their wedding reception at Hill Place in Hampshire. Alison and Matt had hand-made over 1500 paper cranes to follow the good luck tradition that these cranes bring and the transportation of these little fellas wasn’t without it’s problems, including a 2 hour untangling session the day before the big day! However this goes to show that hard work and a love of Wedding-DIY can bring such reward.

Images and full blog by Dominique Bader Photography  




Some more home-made items I enjoyed seeing was this ‘Find your Face to Find your Place’ wall that Vic and Kev made for their guests, what a lovely way to display your table plan!

Photo 01-10-2011 14 35 40

Photo 01-10-2011 14 35 46

If you’re feeling eco-creative then how about hand-made paper plantable favours or perhaps a real flower confetti cone, there are tutorials available for both and we have often helped our brides to get these made in time for the big day. 

How about a few more favours that are easily achieved and fun to make?

Paper tissue pom poms add colour to any wedding reception, especially a white marquee

And don’t forget something for the kids!

However this is a blog to help you to DIY and I wanted to give you a few top tips so that you don’t burn out and hate making and creating after months of pin pricks and paper cuts.

  1. Ensure you really can make what you want to make – Pinterest is great for inspiration but you might find the task more difficult than you think so do your research and practice a bit first
  2. Take your time, there’s nothing worse than realising you still have 75 favours to make a week before the big day
  3. Can someone else create what you want? If you love the style but doubt your own creative skills then recruit someone who is clever at this sort of stuff and ask for their help
  4. Go for quality, if the tutorial says to use a certain grade of paper or tissue then stick to that, the person giving you the instructions no doubt know what works and what doesn’t so don’t cut corners
  5. Get others involved – open the wine and recruit the girls for some creative evenings before the big day
  6. Give up if it goes wrong, it’s not worth the hassle and upset. Admit defeat and hire someone who can provide what you need – or ask your Wedding Planner đŸ˜‰

2016-05-14 08.20.17

Click HERE>> for the link to this guide
Remember after all the creativity you won’t want to be putting out 120 place cards and tweaking pom poms on the morning of your wedding, this is when I’d urge you to book a pro to come and and bex june 2015

If you would like to work with me do get in touch anytime via email to

See you soon fellow Wedding Belle, Love Marie x

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