You are flipping nuts!(and we love you)

Hi Wedding Belle,

There are some wedding creatives that really do push the boundaries and this week on the blog I bring you some of the most amazingly clever work from my favourite floral artist ever! Yes he is nuts but he is a genius and given the right platform (no carnations please) he shines beyond any other floral artist I have known (except maybe my hubby, who is a pretty awesome artist!)


Of course there is no one to compare to Owen from Little Lillies and the sooner he provides floral artwork for the leading designers around the world, the better. Not that he needs the work, he is beyond busy! So if you want a creative injection of bravery in your wedding plans then get in touch with him pronto – he is a superstar (mind you he has been a huge success for ages, he is just too modest so as a wedding planner who adores his work I’m happy to shout about him)


I have worked with Owen for years now and he has always produced amazing work, he knows his customer is braver than the average bride looking for flowers, he likes a challenge and enjoys shocking everyone – I mean who wouldn’t love a banana or carrot buttonhole?

Later this year we are working together on a photo shoot, together with these fab suppliers – thank you for inviting me to join the team guys!

The shoot will take place at Bury Court Barn and I can’t wait to get started on the details …

Visit their Website HERE
For now though have a look at some more of Owen’s amazing work ..

Mia Photography

Lou Osborne Photography

Thank you Owen for your brilliant work, keep up the madness as we all love it!

Check out more of his work HERE>>

Roderick Alan Photography
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See you soon

Love, Marie x


4 thoughts on “You are flipping nuts!(and we love you)

  1. I’ve never had the pleasure of working with Owen. But I first came across his work last year at Chelsea Flower Garden. I had been invited to a breakfast with someone and saw these incredible floral displays. Different from anything else and had to take a picture with my phone of the artist so I could look them up when I got home. I also work within the industry making wedding cakes and I love admiring others work. It’s so lovely to hear someone holding another in such high regard. This was a beautiful blog post to read and good luck with your amazing photo shoot.
    Susie xxx

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