Questions I’ve been asked as a Wedding Planner!

Ok so my job can be a little unique at times, many people envy my role and I can understand why, it’s total privilege to be trusted with such an honour and help happy people to organise the most amazing day of their lives.

However over the years I have been asked a million bizarre things and I thought it was about time I shared some of these funny and endearing requests were – ahead of my book that will be out later this year, which contains lots of fab stories for you!

Pic by Peartree Pictures
Will you be able to give me a wake up call every hour from 3am?

Um. So I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that this bride wanted to be awake so very early or the fact that she wanted her wedding planner to be awake so very early.

Can you find my boyfriend, get our house key and go grab me another dress!

Now there’s a story behind this request. The bridesmaid in question had split her dress along the zip, she had to be at the church in 30 minutes so the only solution was for someone to pop to her house and grab her another bridesmaid dress (serial bridesmaid maybe?) so that she didn’t have to show her undies to the congregation. What made this more bizarre is the fact that I didn’t know her, her boyfriend or even know where her house was! The boyfriend happily handed over their house keys without question and I did indeed find myself rummaging in her wardrobe 10 minutes later. Very strange.

Can you ask everyone to wear sunglasses when I walk down the aisle?

Being centre of attention can be daunting, all those eyes on you as you take your initial steps towards your future husband in heels and a dress that swoops around your ankles. So what better way to eliminate this stress than to cover everyones eyes.

Can you rub hand cream into my hands so I don’t get um, my hands greasy?


Will you be able to cook our main course, to save us some money?

If I were a wonderfully well trained chef then maybe but as a simple wedding planner, I sadly had to decline this request for fear of giving everyone food poisoning. Leave it to the professionals I’d say.

Can you ask Take That to sing for our first dance?

Sure I can ask them, only if you have a few hundred thousand pounds spare? However this couple felt that if I just explained how much they loved the band then they might ‘pop in’ for a little singalong.

Pic by Peartree Pictures
If you are a wedding supplier reading this then have you ever been asked anything unique? Share your comments below if so, I love to embrace every walk of life and what better way to see someones true personality than when under pressure, we all handle stress differently and if I can help couples in my professional capacity to overcome this and to help them relax then I’m privileged to do so.

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See you soon, Love Marie x

The Wedding Expert

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