You won’t remember a thing!

So you have the day of your life planned, the flowers, the food, the music, the groom … You have thought about every detail and intend to savour every second.

smart frame 4
Image by Smart Frame – Blades Bridal
But will you?

As soon as you begin walking down the aisle your day will accelerate at the speed of lightening and you won’t remember to look at every detail, or study the flowers or note every decoration, so why do you take so much time and effort on producing the perfect day when you won’t remember half of it??
This got me thinking about what really is important and memorable on your special day, what will stick in your mind and those of others. I have compiled a list of top 3 ‘areas’ of a wedding day that is remembered most by the bride and groom and then by the guests, bear this in mind when you plan your day!

AliceSwan_MatthewandLaurenWedding_ThePrettyBlog_123-st-ppm_l1As the happy couple, what will you remember?
1) The vows, you will probably always be able to quote these back as they are such an important part if your ceremony
2) Your new husband/wife’s face as you see each other for the first time
3) The number of guests and if they had a good time!


What will your guests remember?
1) That the day didn’t drag and had plenty to keep them entertained
2) Lots of good food
3) A chance to dance and drink

Pic by Joanna McNeil / The Master Cake Smith
So really it should be simple, feed your guests well and keep them entrained and you are there! As for yourself, I defy you to try and brush past those little details, if it matters to you do it but don’t burn out, keep perspective and delegate! Flowers are lovely but trust your florist, it’s important the venue is perfect but trust your venue manager, and so on.

Here at Isabella Weddings we are here to make sure those little details happen, ask about out decoration and set up package, or On the Day Attendance, a chance for you to relax and us to help co-ordinate things for you.

What top tips do you have for brides to be?

See you soon, Love Marie x

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