When did it become about just being cheap?! (Rant alert)

I’m talking about wedding suppliers.

And how NOT to introduce yourself to me (or any wedding couple for that matter)

“If ever you need someone cheaper …” Why on earth would you use that sentence to promote yourself?! To be the one line that starts a conversation? The one line YOU thought would impress me and convince me to click on your website or recommend you to my couples. How wrong you are.

I won’t click and I am not interested. Why? Is it because I like expensive suppliers? No, that’s not why. It’s because I don’t want to ever promote a supplier who’s first thought is to be cheap.

How about “if you would like to see my work, see what makes me different, see the value I can bring, show you how talented & professional I am etc etc” now that would get my attention. You see I will only work with suppliers who love their job, value their time, will provide an excellent & trustworthy service, charge fairly to reflect their skills or products and are nice to be around! 

So if you want to work with me, a wedding planner who has genuinely cared strongly for all 600+ weddings she has managed, then don’t come at me with ‘hey I’m cheap’ I want ‘hey I’m good & this is why’

Rant over, as you were x


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