Don’t dress me in gold – A Bridesmaid’s Plea

Hey Wedding Belle,

How was your week? I’m still in America, enjoying a lovely holiday with my family but it’s wedding season and there are lots of bridesmaids up and down the UK jumping into their dresses, some are overjoyed with their choices and some are not so. However rather than show you images of clashing colours and unhappy bridesmaids I thought the right thing to do was to give you a few pointers for when it comes to choosing the right outfits for your girls, so you can avoid any upset or potential sulking.

In fact if you’d like some help with choosing your bridesmaids please take a moment to read the article I wrote for Love our Wedding, just click the logo below to read my top tips.


So how can you ensure you have happy girls on your special day?

  1. Ask them what they would like to wear – maybe before you even choose your own colour scheme, talk to the girls about what they love most and what they think suits you and your partner.
  2. Take into consideration each girls shape and style preference – don’t push them to wear something short, revealing, fitted etc if this isn’t something they would usually wear.
  3. Choose something simple – rather than go for the usual shiny bridesmaids offerings, why not go for a highstreet brand that could perhaps be worn again – meaning you get more for your money.
  4. Involve your girls – at every step of the way, treat them to new shoes and let them get creative if they want (as long as it fits your theme).



Some girls are not comfortable being centre of attention so save the limelight for those that do love it and make sure that you check in with your quieter girlfriends often so that they feel involved but not overwhelmed.


See you all next week lovely wedding belles, when I’m back in the UK. In the meantime enjoy your wedding day if you are getting married this weekend, sending love to all.

Love from Marie x

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