Supplier Shout out – Paper Street Dolls

Hello Wedding Belle,

I had the pleasure recently of connecting with these talented ladies, they create stunning hand-made paper decorations for your wedding or event, I love their work and wanted to share their talents with you on this week’s Saturday Supplier Blog. Here’s what they had to say in our interview …

PSD (1)

Q1 Tell us a little about yourself

We are Paper Street Dolls – two sisters creating luxury handmade and handpainted paper decorations. We use high quality raw materials and every stage of our process is treated with the same focus and attention to detail. Inspired by pop-culture, we love putting a lot of personality, colour and fun into our décor, whether it is used at weddings, parties or around the home.

Q2 What made you want to work in the wedding industry?

The nature of the wedding industry allows us to connect with people who want to create a special, personal day. Couples appreciate that we create something unique to them that can be a beautiful keepsake of their day, stored and reused for years to come.

PSD (2)

Q3 What do your clients love about you and your work?

That all our décor is fun and so customisable – even something as simple as a colour change can make all the difference. Our letter banners in particular let the couple choose to have a word or phrase that is unique to them and their relationship. We have an ever expanding range of décor which also allows people to mix and match different kinds of décor across complementery ranges.


Q4 What do you think makes a good wedding?

Weddings that have the essence of the couple themselves, whether traditional or contemporary. Creating the right atmosphere for the couple and guests is key – it makes the day more enjoyable for everyone involved!

PSD (3)

Q5 What’s been your favourite wedding so far?

Actually a friend’s wedding before we started working in the wedding industry! It was intimate with a real low-key family gathering feel. Everyone had such a great time; their décor was fun, personalised and a bit weird – much like the lovely couple themselves!

PSD (4)

Q6 What is your top tip for couples?

Prioritise and then give yourself enough time to organise all those elements. Pace yourselves, enjoy the process and don’t leave it all to the last minute – basically do what you can to avoid stressing out yourself or those around you!

Is there anything else you’d like to add to this interview or tell our followers?

Hope you all have beautiful weddings!

PSD (5)

Where can people find you?



Twitter @paperstreetdoll




PSD (6)

Don’t you just love their work?! Make sure you connect with them soon – thank you ladies for joining our blog this week.

See you soon guys, Love Marie x

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