Wedding venues – what to consider

Hey Wedding Belle, I wanted to share this previous blog with you as it has helped so many couple with their venue searches, take a read below.

With so much choice and variation out there how on earth do you choose the perfect wedding venue!? There are a lot of factors to consider when you do book your venue and bearing in mind the venue costs are likely to take up over half of your budget its worth getting it right first time!


I have offered a few pointers below to help you choose the perfect home for your wedding right from the outset.


Style and Theme

You need to decide on the type of wedding you wish to have, will you marry in a church or would you prefer a less traditional civil ceremony? Is it likely to be a grand affair or a small intimate gathering? What do you want to be surrounded by – countryside, city, sea and do you need accommodation for your guests (especially important for overseas guests)

Do also remember that there is another way now to have a ceremony, you no longer need to say your vows in a licensed premises, you can have your ceremony anywhere with the freedom of an independent celebrant (you will still need to conduct the ‘legal’ part at your local registry office however, but this is short and simple).

Guest numbers

The number of people you intend to invite will have a huge bearing on your venue also, if you are hoping to hold your wedding in a small, intimate private home but want to invite 200 guests this may not be achievable. Think about your guest list before viewing (and falling in love with) any venues.


How creative are you ?

Many venues offer one-stop packages which are perfect for the busy bride, they will take care of all the food, drink, bedrooms, table settings and sometimes flowers and stationery. However if you are wanting to have more control over your colours, style, timings and food then think about hiring a venue that reflects this – a blank canvas can be exhilarating or daunting depending on your personality!

Don’t forget we at Isabella Weddings also offer help with venue searching or styling, you can give us your ideal budget & style and we will go away and find your suppliers and venue to suit your requirements – all the control without the stress. We can also co-ordinate your plans at these venues too, ensuring your day is perfect.


Visit at least 5!

Don’t decide on the first one (even if it is perfect!) until you have visited a few more, they will give you a chance to reflect on the first choice and chance to either confirm or sway your decision. Always compare prices and services, some may not tick all your boxes but be aware of which items on your check-list are essential and which are ‘nice to have’, do also be aware of hidden charges and check what the price includes.

Meet the co-ordinator

If your venue has a dedicated wedding co-ordinator, meet with him/her and be sure to discuss all your thoughts and questions in your first meeting. Talk about prices, offers, special discounts they may have and how they will help you achieve your day. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you cannot take your own wedding planner to these venues, most of them welcome the extra support and having your own planner will mean she is there for you entirely and will have plenty of venue experience.


So there we have it, a small check-list to get you started as you head out to view some venues. Have your list of questions ready and be sure to ask everything! If you are unsure, ask to hold the date without paying anything for a few days and mull it over. Think about prices, location, what the package includes and if you feel it is right for you – which is of course the most important part!

If we can help you at any stage or if you wish to visit any of our recommended venues please do get in touch or visit our website

Best wishes for now
Marie x




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