You don’t need a wedding planner …

…but you might ‘want’ one.

Hello Wedding Belle!
I’m not doing myself out of a job don’t worry but in case you were faced with doubts here’s my top 10 list for reasons to choose a GOOD wedding planner :

1) They have experience, lots more than you know so you can tap into this

2) They have contacts – they’re excellent matchmakers and can save you money

3) They can negotiate for you – and save you money (there’s a pattern see!)

4) They won’t let you forget anything – they’ve been there before

5) They can take instructions from you and carry them out, they can also have any awkward conversations like ‘please can I change my mind on my menu AGAIN’

6) They can set the venue(s) up – you want to relax and enjoy the morning of your wedding don’t you!

7) They will keep your timings on track and check everyone is where they should be

8) They will solve issues as they arrive – I’ve written a book on things that ‘went wrong’ and were dealt with before anyone knew a thing

9) They will make sure you relax and enjoy every minute – it will speed past!

10) They will save you money – guaranteed (sorry I know i’m repeating myself!)

All of the above will not be achieved by you alone, trust us we know, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it – of course you can but at what cost? Missing things, stressing about things, worrying, rushing, panicking – it will happen if you don’t have someone by your side, I promise you it is worth the investment.

So you might not feel like you ‘need’ a planner but then who ‘needs’ a cheesecake …

me and bex june 2015

“you pulled it off, you are amazing!”

I love to help, I have planned hundreds of weddings and really do know my stuff. Let me guide you, check out our wedding packages (we offer a fab ‘pay as you go’ service too if you’re worried about budget) at and subscribe to our weekly wedding inspirational newsletter on the home page.

See you soon

Love Marie x

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