Saturday Supplier Shout out – Pret-a-cake

Who doesn’t love a good cake! It was one of the reasons I thought being a wedding planner would be the coolest job ever – cake samples! (actually I don’t try nearly enough cake, humph) Today I’m chatting to Sergei from Pret a Cake, a fabulous luxury cake maker who offers some beautiful designs.


Q1 Tell us a little about yourself

I am Sergei and I run ‘Pret-a-Cake’ – wedding & celebration cakes business. I started it after I left my day job of production manager in food manufacturing to follow my dream of making beautiful cakes. I’m a professional pastry chef with over 14 years of experience in pastry and food industry, which was gained within the finest establishments of London.

Q2 What made you want to work in the wedding industry?

I find it very rewarding to see how I can make a difference to someone’s wedding day – one of the most important days in their lives.

Q3 What do your clients love about you and your work?

I often get compliments on the variety of flavours that I offer and that my cakes taste delicious, in addition to high quality of service and, very importantly, reliability. You will be surprised how many requests I get after other cake makers pull out from their agreed orders.

pret a cake copper-wedding-cake-pretacake

Q4 What do you think makes a good wedding?

Good planning, involving true professionals, a happy couple who are truly in love, and, of course, an amazing wedding cake!

Q5 What’s been your favourite wedding so far?

It is difficult to choose one as they were all very special and every wedding cake I made was unique in its own way.

preta a cake stunning-cake-roses

Q6 What is your top tip for couples?

Invest plenty of time in advance planning to make sure your dreams do come true on your big day. Involve professionals and make bookings early to avoid disappointment. When choosing your cake maker book a consultation so that you get to meet them in person and to taste the variety of their cakes.



Where can people find you?






Thanks so much Sergei, these strawberry cakes are my favourite, chocolate dipped fruit has to be a winner with us!

Join us next week for more supplier shout outs, see you soon wedding belle!

Love from Marie x



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