We’re Talking Tattoos

I’ve always loved a good tattoo, I’ve only dipped my toe in the water with one small one myself but I’m not adverse to another and seeing the new amazingly clever styles coming out from some super talented ink specialists it’s no wonder I felt the urge to write a blog about wedding tattoos!

How do you feel about inking yourselves either for your wedding or just as a sign of your eternal devotion as a couple? Are you worried in case you split up? I do know a girl who had her wedding date inked onto the back of her neck, in large italic numbers, who then divorced her hubby (!) so yes it does need some careful consideration. How about a subtle one though, to show your commitment but not to draw attention?
Plus there are lots of tattoos you can have that can still mean something special even if you don’t stay together.

However as a wedding planner I don’t like to talk about break ups, I would just say to think long and hard about what it is you want, talk it through with each other and go with what suits your lifestyle (and job possibly) and go for it! 

Of course if you aren’t brave enough to go for the permanent kind then the temporary versions on the market are just as awesome now, take a look at these :

I love the hen party / bachelorette ones, such a fab idea and for my young daughters it’s not really a party until someone gets that wet flannel out and sticks a temporary tattoo on you so why can’t we adults join in the fun (I’ve had many a My Little Pony tattoo’d on my arms I can tell you)

Lastly how about having some gorgeous gold body art designs instead of actual pieces of jewellery, as long as it doesn’t rain (or you get dance floor sweaty!)

What ever way you decide to add to your beauty enjoy and be as creative as you wish, life is for celebrating!

Love to you all, Marie x

The Wedding Expert



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