Saturday Supplier Shout out – AAB Outdoor Games

When it’s the height of Summer and you are inviting a bunch of loved ones to help celebrate your wedding, what better way to enjoy the sun than to bring in some outdoor games. Lots of fun for everyone, little kids and big kids. Today we chat to Jules from AAB Weddings, they hire out some awesome games and themes to suit your wedding. Take a look below …

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Q1 Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Jules and I am a hopeless romantic. I LOVE anything to do with weddings.

I am married to the perfect husband who has helped me achieve my dream with my family business. He helps me run our  business if I am busy being creative . I am also trained in bridal hair and makeup .

My husband and my youngest son will help do the set up for a wedding from Outdoor games to the venue decor or anything else that is needed, if I am booked for hair and or makeup. I planned our wedding within 3 months and made everything except the bouquets myself. All the guests and staff commented on how stunning the venue looked and was shocked that I made everything including the centrepieces.

We have 2 grown up son’s and 2 very naughty Kittens called Garfield and Mr Grey. ( Yes inspired by THAT Mr Grey !!! )

I am from the South Coast of England in Hampshire .Which is a beautiful part of the country. Our business now includes Makeup and hair, Venue Decor including chair covers and all the finishing touches, Outdoor games and much much more. We love brides asking if we can make anything unusual .

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Q2 What made you want to work in the wedding industry?I was asked to do a friends wedding makeup and loved the whole aspect of helping her to look beautiful for her special day and it has spiralled from there. I started out as a makeup artist which I continue as today. But I kept getting ask can you do hair ??  Why don’t you do hair ?? So I trained on a course in bridal hair to give it a go and loved creating beautiful hair styles. I then found I signed up for another course and yes another.

I have found all Courses very addictive. I have signed up for more courses as I love to learn different techniques be it hair , makeup or anything else, I just love it. Yes I’m weird.

I love being creative, making beautiful items for weddings or creating beautiful hair and makeup.

My first paid wedding I text my bride in the morning to say congratulations and that I was packing the car and will be leaving in 15 minutes, I got a very sad bride text back saying that she had been let down by a supplier. So I took a friend and some supplies and rounded up some members of the wedding party. I set them to work stamping, cutting, printing and making orders of service and table numbers as she really wanted them for her wedding. Even the wedding photographer helped as and when she could. We all helped to achieve the brides dream and to ensure that the day went to plan. I got enormous satisfaction knowing I help rescue my bride and created a happy memory. I realised that this is something that I really want to do and enjoyed it so much. I knew that this was the industry I wanted to be in making dream come true.The rest they say is history.

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Q3 What do your couples love about you?

That I am unique!

My goal is always to create something bespoke and special for each bride / couple. To ensure that each wedding is unique and has that “WOW”  Factor !!

Everyone has an idea in their mind. I love to able to pluck all these elements in order to make them reality. Perfection is relative, what works for one occasion does not work for another, being adaptable and thinking outside the box is what enables me to provide a unique and specialised service for my clients.

Q4 What do you think makes a good wedding?

A good wedding is all about being true to what the happy couple want.

Whether the wedding is in a small registry office or a fairytale castle, as long as the occasion is enjoyed by those present. To celebrate the love of the two people and the joining of the two families then what could be better ? There are all sorts of different ideas of “the perfect wedding” some like to keep things traditional, some like to be extremely quirky. No two weddings are the same. Thats the fun bit!

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Q5 What has been your favourite wedding?

Although this will sound cliche. I really can’t choose, I LOVE all the occasions I get involved in. One wedding stands out the most at the Clock Barn, we had Alice characters doted around the grounds which lead the guests to giant Peep board with Alice and her friends and Giant Outdoor Games. The grounds had pathways which the characters led guests to other secret areas of the grounds. It really suited the venue beautifully. It was magical and the feedback was wonderful. It  really looked amazing.

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Image by Simon John
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Image by Simon John

Q6 What top tips can you give couples planning their wedding?

To relax and enjoy the day! Take the time to wander around and take everything in. So many brides including myself say the day flies by and the wedding was a blur.

Q7 Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Don’t forget your wedding should be a celebration ( remember that ) Try not to stress over the little things, yes it can be stressful and there can be a lot of options, which is where diplomacy is advised. You need to remember your day is about the two of you. Finally make sure that you can enjoy all your hard work in planning your special day. Take 10 -30 mins just the 2 of you to sit back and enjoy what you have achieved.

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We agree Jules, take time to relax and have fun as well as taking everything in, you will forget all the planning and might miss something you wanted to enjoy on the day.
Thank you for this fun insight to your world, if you want to get in touch with AAB Weddings then pop over to their website and find out more about how they can help you with your style and decoration.
See you next week wedding belles,
Love from Marie x

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