Friday’s Round up – It’s all Jelly (Wedding Treats Ahoy!)

Hello Wedding Belles, How has your week been? It’s all busy busy busy everywhere we look as couples finalise wedding plans and venues spruce up their rooms ready for the next fabulous weekend of sunny (!) weddings. Mr H and I are off to a friends wedding today as a special treat so I’m feeling quite excited to be on the other side of the fence! Plus we get a night out without the kids so that has to also be a treat!

So with treats in mind I wanted to round up all my favourite sweet things that you can have at your wedding, event or party without breaking the bank or the rules (if there are sweet rules, I’m sure there’s a tradition somewhere that we haven’t yet found!).

So here are my top sweet treats for your special day – I hope it inspires you to order in a few special bites for your guests when you plan your big day.

How about these awesome Jelly shots, pick any flavour you wish and have a selection of colours to match your style and theme.

Pic from Wedding Window
Pic from Wedding Gelation

An easy treat to give your guests who are nursing sore dancing feet is to feed them a little sugar on the dance floor, these donuts and milk are great for little kids and big kids.

Pic by Joanna McNeil / The Master Cake Smith

Who doesn’t love a meringue (pronounced meh – ring – goo ….it’s not, sorry) these could be munched at any stage of the day, perfect for midnight back at the hotel I think (hope)

Martha Stewart favours

I love these beautifully packaged fruit tea bags and tea spoons, find more like this over at

Pic by Wedding

I then found these stunning tea gifts over at the Wedding Salon – check the feature out here –

More Tea!

More meringues ….


Mr H loves a good meringue, such detail on these little fellas, the perfect size to pop away 2 or 3 or 7 at a time. Read more about them on Recipe Hub.

How about these little homemade treats from Inspired Bride :


Just a pretzel stick and jelly sweets, you could make these yourself easily (without eating half of them as you do).

Lastly. we have always loved this new company to the UK – Love to Bits, they offer a selection of luxury sweets for favours or to give as gifts. One of the sweet treats they provide are Good Luck Cakes, a traditionally lucky gift that brings happiness and sweetness to your marriage, they can set up a whole treat table for you if you wish as well!

They also have a special offer running at the moment so contact Debora for more details on or click the link to visit their website :


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See you next week lovely wedding belles, love Marie xx



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