Saturday Suppliers – Meet Bluebelle !

Every now and then we meet suppliers that make us smile for many reasons, for being so creative or for offering a service that is guaranteed to bring happiness to any bride or groom. This week we introduce to you – Bluebelle, a beautiful and lovingly restored VW Kombi camper van who carries many a bride to her wedding day. Her ‘parents’ were happy to tell us a little more about her and how Bluebell can bring joy to everyone who travels with her.


Q1 Tell us a little about yourself

We are Alan & Sandi, proud owners of Bluebelle. She is a 1966 VW Kombi finished in a stunning pale blue and pastel white, with a champagne & vanilla interior. She is available for wedding transport

Q2 What made you want to work in the wedding industry?

We never bought Bluebelle to use for weddings. A few people suggested it and we only did a few. Over the year Bluebelle’s popularity grew and with doing more weddings we realised how nice it is to play a small part in peoples special day

Q3 What do your clients love about you and your work?

I think they just love Bluebelle!! The colour the quirkiness of a VW for a wedding. We have a few nice little touches up our sleeve for the day. We also don’t rush them. While we don’t expect to be out all day with a couple we don’t rush the photo’s etc.

bluebell 2

Q4 What do you think makes a good wedding?

We have been to some stunning locations on our travels, and I do think it plays a part. The main thing is making the most of the day regardless of budget etc


Q5 What’s been your favourite wedding so far?

It was one Sandi drove. It wasn’t the location of the wedding or the dress etc, it as the couple. They were just so lovely and the fun they had


Q6 What is your top tip for couples?

Enjoy the day!!!


We agree with this last answer, after all it’s your chance to really do whatever makes you happy and brings joy to your celebrations, we think Bluebelle brings you just that. Thank you guys for joining us and letting us meet Bluebell, if you would like to book her for your wedding transport you can contact Alan and Sandi below. Prices for your wedding day start from £390 and she is available in and around Berkshire.

Bluebelle’s website can be found here and their contact numbers are 07864 991001 or 07800 820058 or you can email them at

If you would like to join our blog and have your wedding or business featured then we would love to hear from you, drop us a note anytime to: or visit

See you next week, love from Marie x

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