Please throw stuff at me (ideally confetti)

Isn’t it weird, this tradition of throwing stuff at each other to celebrate or show love. Good job it’s pretty stuff now and not rotten eggs or mud from yester-year. I have shared some knowledge on why we throw confetti at weddings or special events below so you can wow your bridesmaids with your new found knowledge, if you wanted to 🙂


So even the hardened person cannot deny the fact that confetti is uber-pretty, it feels exciting to throw some sparkle in the air or to stand underneath the fluttery paper confetti as it rains down at the theatre or at a music gig.

As a bride or groom is can feel the same, you are not only being showered with love but you are literally being showered with pretty floral confetti’s, rice or paper sprinkles (just let’s make sure these are eco-friendly tho eh). It can make a great photography shot too, until you swallow some – that’s not so pretty.

I’ve been researching confetti this month (and why not I hear you cry!) and wanted to bring you some alternative options to the usual petals, as gorgeous as dried flowers are there are other options so it’s good to know what’s out there. Here are some of the more unique styles out there (please note that as some of these are not biodegradable we are not advocating the use of these outside so use them inside where you can clean it all up afterwards, you get it – just don’t sprinkle glitter on grass ok)


2016-06-12 20.59.39   cute-and-shiny-diy-wedding-favor-glitter-confetti-bags-7

So do you know why we throw confetti? There are a few thoughts around this but my favourites are these two explanations:

  1. It’s a way to show you love or celebrate someone from afar. So in ancient Greece you would welcome a Royal figure or loved visitor by placing a crown of leaves or fruit on their head as your way of showing your acceptance and love of their rulership, but of course they can’t wear more than one crown at once and those poor people at the back of the crowd won’t be able to reach forward to place the crown on the visiting dignitary’s head, so they would throw leaves and flowers as ‘part of the crown’ to make up one crown as it were, a sign to say ‘I’m here but I can’t reach you’. Hence the tradition of throwing flowers begun, a way of showing your love and respect.
  2. Some believe that the tradition comes from Italy (as the word confetti comes from a sugary almond style sweet) where guests would shower the couple with food, petals or rice to bestow fertility and prosperity upon them, petals or paper is much more popular now (perhaps the Victorian’s were sick of picking food out of their hair!)
Source : and
Pic by The Wedding of my Dreams

The Wedding of my Dreams is an ideal place to purchase your real confetti, visit the website HERE to find out more.

If you fancy making your own confetti like these adorable little pouches below then follow the link on the images to visit the Bridal Tweet website to learn how.

Bridal Tweet
Bridal Tweet

Whichever confetti you love to throw I would strongly urge you to do two things before buying or making anything:

  1. Check that your confetti is eco-friendly and bio-degradable
  2. Check that your venue, church, owner of the area you are in allows confetti (of the style you have chosen)

How about some glittery sparkles for your big day, some of these are gorgeous …



We still love flowers though, fresh or dried petals ….

Pic source – Wolf and Ink

Share your confetti choices with us and send your best pics to Marie at we love to share your stories and inspiration with others!

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