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Hello fellow Wedding Belle,

After a busy and unusual week I decided to mix my Friday and Saturday blog round up for you and bring you some of my own personal thoughts on wedding and event creativity.

You know I like to be controversial sometimes, it might be bravery or it might be madness but I have always strongly believed that you should be yourself in all your choices (for your wedding and within your own life) and with every creative decision you make. Not everyone loves this creative quirkiness but for me, it means you embrace the uniqueness in you and I hope to raise two confident, unique and secure daughters in the process. When I begin to research a blog topic, content for my next book or article inspiration I find myself getting whisked along this road, where the white dress dare not tread. That’s not to say that I don’t love a white gown, I do! However I also love bravery and I don’t think there’s enough of this around still, if I had a £1 for every bride that used the sentence “I guess I have to ….” then i’d be a wealthier woman than I am now!

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I wanted to bring you more of that amazingly creative work of some of the unique and wonderfully alternative wedding suppliers out there and my thoughts on how you might achieve a little ‘extra’ creativity. The work of the creative is to be encouraged so that couples can feel supported and rejoiced in their decisions. As much as the traditional and classic weddings are stunning, I think every wedding deserves a shout-out and to be celebrated far and wide. Plus on my Friday round-up’s each week I bring you some links to fabulous alternative wedding blogs and articles that you will enjoy if you want to test the traditional boundaries.

Anyway here are my loves and tips this week … I start off with a beautiful dress found on Woodsy Weddings, this is an ideal way to add a pop of colour without having to be totally ‘out-there’.

Not everyone wants to be too risky so the mix of traditional white with an underskirt or lining of colour can bring about a subtle (or not so!) creative mix to your day.


Wedding Expert top tip 1

If you are looking to be creative with your outfit but feeling a little shy about doing so, how about adding some gorgeous unique shoes – Irregular Choice are a great favourite – if your dress is full length then you will be able to hide them for some of the day, if you feel self conscious, then reveal them when the time is right! Another way to add in some creativity without shocking your guests is to change up the style or length of your dress, go natural with your hair or add a touch of glitz to your veil – Angelina Jolie asked her kids to decorate her veil, you don’t have to go that far but something similar might be a nice way to give your guests a sneak peek to your quirky side.

Wedding stationery can be another great way to show off your creative skills, how about some of these amazingly brave creations from Satin & Tat.

564abb_1f70c351e7b84b8e9231c8259f3fa241 564abb_88c33e1e0ab84e98bf0a4639c2d045bf

Are these too brave for you?!

I am a big fan of irregular choice shoes, here are some of the most amazing offerings out there (sorry if you are bored of my whacky shoe thing)

Wedding Expert top tip 2

I always encourage my couples to focus on any aspect of their day that really gets them excited, if this means adding in some extra special decoration or sticking to a quirky theme then that’s great. No one says you have to stick to the regular format, which is to get married early afternoon followed by a meal and dancing until midnight – why not have a moonlit ceremony followed by cocktails or swap your vows early morning and have a tea party in the afternoon, the rules are changing and now is the time to shake things up a bit.

What about if you want to be creative with your make up or style?


This is Natalie Flewitt, she is an awesome make-up artist and I’ve been chatting to her this week about her flair for alternative styles and I can’t wait to bring you some of her work next month on our Supplier blog features. Anyway here she brings you some excellent tips for doing your own make-up – if you wanted to do so on your wedding day, a brave blog post for a proMUA I think! Take a read HERE>>

Pic by HBA Photography

Did you get chance to take a read of my brave and personal blog about married life as written for the lovely Californian people over at Overwhelmed Bride? Mr H is my rock and I adore our life together, so when Jenn asked me to write a piece about marriage I found it easy, after all it takes a long time to live together forever.

Here’s an excerpt from it – “He’s my husband, not my girlfriend”

Indulge me for a moment and see if I can explain my thoughts a little better. I am a wedding planner in the UK where we are very careful with our emotions and try to be non-fluffy as much as we can. We don’t like to share our feelings and most of the time we like strict tradition. As a new wife (and true romantic), 10 years ago I thought my life would be like a Hollywood movie, especially as I was a wedding expert. Surely I was destined for the rom-com special with bells on! However, my life isn’t filled with hours of pillow talk and joint tears at emotional outbursts, so surely I should feel cheated? After all there are many husbands who are like this on a daily basis ….

Read the whole blog HERE>> and do tell me what you think!

2016-06-15 07.00.13

So what are your top tips? What have you been up recently? Do share them with us and let me know what you are loving this week.

Happy Planning weekend guys, see you next week when I have a new video for you, lots of lovely tips for venues and some pretty confetti and cycling themes for you to fall in love with.

Love, Marie xx

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