Friday’s Wedding Round Up – Music & Mayhem

Who doesn’t love a party?! After all it is Friday so surely it’s time to down tools and chill out a little? Not if you work in the wedding industry of course, the busy weekend is just beginning for us!

So this week, I have been chatting to some fabulous music agencies who have been so great in helping us source musicians and entertainers for a couple of big events I am working on this summer. So for this weeks Friday round up I wanted to chat about music and festivals that are on this week and this month  (the Isle of Wight festival is currently underway as I type this so it seems relevant!) plus an insight to my finds this week.


Are you planning a wedding or event? Do you know someone who is? How easy is it to choose a band or DJ for your big day? It’s not as straightforward as everyone thinks, there’s a lot of choice yes but there aren’t many easy ways to view a live band or DJ unless you gatecrash someone else’s wedding and see them in action.

Band – Raw Note
One music agency that seems to offer something more than just a list of bands is ‘My Fabulous Wedding Band’ (website) who also bring you a blog about the weddings they have supplied live bands for and then let you know how it all went, this is great way to give a testimonial for a band and to hear from the couple themselves how good the band was and whether it suited their style etc. Take a look for yourself at their latest real wedding posts HERE>>


A great band I’ve seen perform before are Azure from London, this week I found a great article they have produced, they bring you an honest blog about working with a live band and what it’s like to be part of a successful wedding group. Ok so it’s a little self-promoting but their blog also has some useful information and helpful tips – take a look HERE>>  for a great insight to how many hours these professional musicians put in and how the working day for a live band actually unfolds, def worth a read!


Another bit of research led me to the lovely Kelly from Boho Weddings who brings us a great blog post about ‘How to Choose your Wedding Band’ it’s an older post but super helpful and worth a read if you are stuck on looking for your ideal band. Take a look at the Boho website and read her pointers for yourself.

Princess and the Frog
Of course if a live band is out of your budget or perhaps not desired then a DJ is an excellent option, long gone are the cheesy mic-happy ones of yester-year, nowadays we are lucky to have some awesome DJ’s who can ensure an amazingly successful party, (we chat to a couple of my favourites later this Summer) 

So if you are thinking about booking a DJ then there are some top tips I can give you :

  1. Ensure you know your budget before you start looking at suppliers
  2. Do your research, ask your venue, friends and your other suppliers. Although don’t just go for the one your venue says is good, find out for yourself if they are suitable.
  3. Know which style you prefer, a quiet DJ who will just play the music or a fun, gameshow style host that will chat to your guests & get them up dancing.
  4. Try to hire someone to cover your wedding breakfast music (and possibly ceremony) as well as your evening requirements if you can, it will save you money and time in the long run and the day will flow better.


Yorkshire Discos 

becky and matt dancing
Pic by Patryck Stanisz
Pic – wedding faktory
If you know the type of music you want to have at your wedding but unsure of the logistics then you need to check out our extended blog feature tomorrow where we chat to Matt from Matt Bunday Events, he gives a full overview of how to organise the technical side of live music and we are even treated to a FREE Wedding Technical Checklist – click below to follow the blog and then you’ll receive a notification when our Saturday Supplier blog is live so you can check it out.

On a final note, here is a snippet of the other types of research I’ve carried out this week, we visited some lovely Cotswolds venues for a client and have been loving the pastels and soft colours out there in the wedding world as well as the gorgeously creative bride of course!

Read our pastel blog  from last Friday’s Round up, some gorgeous images and great mood board ideas for you. Here’s a sneak peak for you though …

Did you have chance to read about my creative journey a few weeks ago? I have some more brave inspiration coming your way next week …. read the previous blog HERE

If you have any questions or would to like to work with me please do email me at – 

Lastly don’t forget to join us every Tuesday evening over on Twitter for #hantswedhour

2016-06-07 12.19.52

See you tomorrow with our wedding technical overview – it’s so worth it if you want to hire a band for your event!

Love from Marie x

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