Writing it all down.

“You should write a book!” Is something that has often been said to me over the years by friends and couples alike. People often ask me to relay stories “what’s the most elaborate wedding request anyone has asked for?” Or “what was the funniest best man’s speech you’ve heard?” And of course there are LOADS of tales to tell, some scary, most lovely.

Now, secretly I have always wanted to write a book, it’s long been on the bucket list. I’m a Gemini and we are made to write and create apparently. It’s a wonderfully stress-reducing outlet for me and I promised myself that one day, when life slowed down a bit (!) I would write this all into a book.

That time came last Summer and having captured the keen interest of a wonderful publisher, my book is finished and now sits with this publisher for review ! It’s called ‘Tales from the Frontline’ and is an honest account of my decade of wedding planning. Lots of funny memories, a few tears and lots of smiles. I’ve been honest, there are times I have messed up and times I have simply wanted to run far away from everyone. There are also times when I simply sat in awe at the beauty of my role, how honoured I have been and how my life has grown having known this wonderful mix of people.

Overall this has been a beautiful journey and over the next few months I shall not sleep for anticipation of hearing the good news of a release date! I have lots more to share no doubt this won’t be the first book I put out there!

Keep an eye out for book news over the coming months. In the meantime please do keep in touch and join our tribe over at www.isabellaweddings.co.uk

Love, Marie

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3 thoughts on “Writing it all down.

  1. Wish I can get a copy. This woman inan inspiration to me and I admire her. Wish I can be like her one day!!!!

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