How can I help you?

Hey Wedding Belle, 

I’m just jumping onto the blog quickly to share some thoughts with you and to ask for your input, I’d love your comments below on a few things.

As you know I like to share what I know with you all, I write regularly, put together courses and videos and offer various ways to work with me so that your wedding plans or business might benefit from my experiences and skills. However I’m wondering what you prefer and how you want to receive this help?

So if you could comment with your thoughts I’d be ever so grateful 🙂

Did you see my video introducing my virtual wedding planning service? If not you can catch it here. Would you like more videos? If so what topics would you like covered?

How about the e-book I released for you? It’s been received really well by lots of people who have downloaded it, however there is call to make it into a course/series of helpful guides. What are your thoughts on this? The guide (as it is now) can be seen here.

NB:My first full book is wih the publisher now, it should be out in the summer, yippee!

How about these blogs? Are they relevant and suitable to you? What would you like to see covered? I write 3 times a week on the blog and try to cover a diverse range of wedding and event topics.

The Weekly Wedding news, are you subscribed? (You can sign up via our website here) Do you read it at all? Would you prefer the term ‘magazine’ or ‘newspaper’ or something similar?

Do you want more free stuff or easier access to things?

I’m trying to get a feel for my lovely tribe of loyal Belles and want to cater specifically for you. I’ve just developed a FB group for those people planning a wedding and subscribed to our tribe, no sales just support. Again I’d like your thoughts.

Feel free to comment lots below or email me anytime –

Thanks ever so, love Marie x



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