Friday’s Wedding Round-Up

Hello Wedding Belle,

How has your week been? Can you believe it’s Friday yet again!

This week I’ve loved catching up with some amazing blogs and seeing what people are up to, in my job I work closely with those people getting married and those who work for them during their wedding, the fabulous suppliers! So my role has two responsibilities – to the couple and to the supplier. So I try and make sure my blogs and write ups are enjoyable to all, therefore if you are a supplier why not share my blog with your couples? After all anyone who signs up for my Weekly Wedding News automatically receives free advice and support from myself, The Wedding Expert as well as lots of inspiration and news.

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Anyway, on to my news and views of the week …. as always I’d love your comments and thoughts, please do get in touch if you’d like to see more (or less) of something from me each week – I bring you a new blog 3 times a week alongside my weekly wedding news which is emailed out directly and lots of features and articles out there for some amazing magazines and fellow blog sites. I love to share!

The first blog that caught my eye this week is one from California, The Overwhelmed Bride and no it has nothing to do with the fact that I celebrated my own 10 year wedding anniversary this week and we were married in Southern California 😉


I loved reading their latest post about the biggest bridal regret – It’s a subject I also feel strongly about and that’s ‘wedding videography’. As in not booking one and then wishing you had. I remember once a videographer (Teardrop Films) told me that he explains the value of videography at your wedding to couples like this: Imagine that you were 80 years old and you wanted to share your wedding day with your grandchildren, you have a photo album and a film in front of you, which one would you grab first to really help them experience your wedding day? It would be film every time, you can hear the voices of elderly relatives, see the children dance, hear the speeches. All of which cannot be captured in a photo. Ok photos are very important, after all you cannot hang a CD on the wall in your lounge, however as a planner myself I feel you should make room for both, they offer such different value and service.

Image source –

I’d love for you to pop over to the Overwhelmed Bride’s website and have a read of their blog, as a fellow wedding planner I support their work fully and love their style of writing.

Catch their website HERE >>

My next fav this week has been this relaxed, infinity pool wedding blog post by Style Me Pretty … yes, yes I know another USA blog 🙂 but the wedding was in NZ!


This beautiful wedding was shot by Katie Grant Photography and you can find more of her work on the SMP website HERE>>

5710835d854b8$!x900  571083996eaee$!x900

This is such a pretty wedding held in New Zealand, the views are amazing and you can almost feel the stress melting away for this couple. Gorgeous refined bohemian, as described by Katie Grant – you can visit her website HERE>>

On to a UK countryside wedding now and this one is featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and you can read all about it HERE>> on their website


This is such a soft and dreamy wedding, held in Ireland last Summer the photographer has captured the story so well, to me it feels rustic yet relaxed, sumptuous yet summery. What do you think?

Memento Photography 
Memento Photography
Memento Photography

So what’s your favourite? What do you read each week without fail? Share your thoughts with me, I’d love to hear what you’re up to this week!

Remember tomorrow (Saturday) we have our Supplier Feature, this week we talk jewellery with Hampshire based Charlotte Cornelius so do come back tomorrow, or better still click the link below to follow our news and never miss a post again – we have some wonderful free stuff coming up this Summer!

See you tomorrow, keep in touch Wedding Belle!

Love, Marie x – click to join our tribe!

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