All that Glitters …

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Hello Wedding Belle,

Today I am chatting about bringing a bit of sparkle for your wedding day – not all of my thoughts are ‘traditional’ sorry 🙂

When you think of Wedding Sparkle what comes to mind for you? Nice jewellery? (check out this Saturday’s Supplier Focus with Charlotte Cornelius for a fantastic professional approach to handmade jewellery).

Ikonworks - Hampshire photographer - images for Isabella Weddings-113
Image by Ikonworks

(jewellery featured is by Freya Rose)

What do I think of when someone says the word ‘Sparkle’ to me ? (it might have been My Little Pony – Twilight Sparkle for a moment!) I think this ….

Image source

You see for me sparkle and glitter doesn’t have to be just around your wrist or hanging round your neck, no indeedy.  There are lots of lovely ways to bring some shine and fun to your wedding – although metallic glitter is a big NO-NO if you are keeping Eco-Friendly, so best to use it indoors where you can sweep it up and it’s not going to be trodden into the outdoor areas.

How about that bouquet? Ditch the flowers and go for full-on sparkle and gorgeousness with a beaded or broach bouquet! Check this out from

Image source

Here are few others I found whilst researching, the great thing is with these gorgeous bouquets is that you can keep them forever, no dying flowers and very eco-friendly! Plus you an include a little piece of special jewellery that has perhaps broken or something that doesn’t suit your dress, you can still include the piece in your bouquet.

Another theme that is seeing a come-back is the gold and mint theme, I’ve seen this show up frequently in magazines and on line this Spring, it’s an elegant style and brings a touch of class to your day.

Image Source

What is your theme or style? Are you keeping traditional or are you being brave? In the next few weeks I want to chat about unique themes (and I might write a piece about confetti as there are LOADS of options now! – sorry I digress …)

Tell us about your theme and if it’s truly unique then we might feature it in our Summer Wedding Blog next month, where we showcase our own Wedding Belle’s weddings – email me to apply – don’t forget to send lots of pics!

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See you on Saturday when we chat to Charlotte – or if you can’t wait, check out her website here >>

Lots of love fellow Belle, Marie x



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