Let’s Talk about Eloping – by Kate

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Planning a wedding can be stressful, although it doesn’t have to be. If you set a budget which you stick to, keep it simple, stay grounded and be very organised planning as far in advance as you can, then the stress levels can remain at a minimum. However if you don’t like being the centre of attention, don’t want to spend a small fortune and save for months or even years on end and have the ‘traditional’ wedding, then perhaps eloping seems like a very appealing option.

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The benefits of eloping is you can plan something really simple, elegant, crazy, cheesy, anything that suits your style, potentially without the massive costs, stress, family politics and debating over the guest list. You can go to a fabulous destination, somewhere truly beautiful that appeals to you and the best bit, you are already on honeymoon! You are more than likely to spend less, get less stressed and be far more relaxed if you elope, but you have to take into account if you chose to do this, you will not be surrounded by lots of friends and family, may not have the traditional first dance and cutting of the cake, so you must weigh up what is important to you. If you do elope, it might be nice to have a low key/low cost celebration back home so friends and family can celebrate with you and you can keep some of the traditions should you wish.

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For me, from a Wedding Planners perspective, I love weddings, love planning them, love seeing them come together and get a buzz on the day from knowing I am doing everything in my power to give the couple the wedding of their dreams and that I have contributed to that, to such a special day. I spend around 50-70hours a week planning weddings, which is why for me personally elopement is a perfect option. I was afraid my own wedding would feel like work, or that because of what I do, that every guest would analyse every little detail and that I would have to work 80 hours a week to save and afford the wedding I wanted, so it is my decision to elope.

For me as a bride, I have always wanted to get married outside, somewhere beautiful next to water, to have a shorter 50’s style dress, to read my own vows, for it all to be about my love for my fiancé and for his love for me and to have an amazing honeymoon (after all we work so hard a break is well deserved)! We have decided we are eloping in Italy next year and just taking 2 friends as witnesses and then spending 2 weeks honeymooning and relaxing and then we are having a casual day time reception with our style of food, casual music and some fun and games for our most cherished friends and family. This means that we can afford the things that are most important to us, an amazing photographer, amazing videographer, stunning wedding location and fabulous honeymoon. That suits us, our family are happy with our decision and for me, it’s my dream wedding.

What you need to decide is, elopement, is it for you?

Love Kate x

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Thank you for this lovely blog post Kate, it is my own 10 year anniversary this weekend and I headed off to California for our wedding so this week’s topics are very relevant.

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Love from Marie x

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