Friday’s Round-up – Wedding Shows

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This week there seems to have been a lot of buzz about the forthcoming Autumn shows, the first ones start in just 4 months time! I can’t believe Summer is almost here and we are thinking past it already, still these major events take a lot of time and effort to put together so marketing has to start early.


I’m never keen on the local wedding fairs, I think they are good for those who want to book a venue’s recommended supplier list, the easy option sometimes maybe, however to me they feel like a cattle market and I don’t know many suppliers or couples that actually enjoy them. Fear not, I’m not about to get into a soap-box moment, today I’m talking about the big shows, the fashion shows and the events that we all feel inspired by. They go beyond a simple ‘selling ground’ and become more about showing off amazing talents and a chance for us to glimpse the creative geniuses that are behind some of the worlds favourite brands. These are the events that I enjoy going to, I don’t like the ‘selling behind a table’ but I do love the fashion catwalks, the beautiful displays of floral art and the cakes that are way too good to eat.

Here are some images by Ikonworks who visited Brides the Show last year, this event is being held again on 30th Sept to 2nd Oct 2016

Ikonworks - Hampshire photographer - images for Isabella Weddings-168

(meringues by The Meringue Girls)

Ikonworks - Hampshire photographer - images for Isabella Weddings-126

(Flowers by Jamie Aston)


A recent show that our friends over at Love to Bits had a stand at this month was the Quintessentially Atelier at the Dorchester, just look how amazing their stand was – which as you can imagine was extremely popular all day!



Of course we can’t write a round-up this week without mentioning the Barcelona Bridal Week! This is happening right now and we hope everyone is having an amazing time, do you have any images of the show to share with us?


So now the wedding fair season draws to a close and we look towards Autumn, what are you going to visit? What are your thoughts on the big shows and the local events? What’s missing from them? Let us know in the comments below, I’d love to hear your views!

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Lastly, as it’s Friday and we love the end of the week – here’s a quick link to a freebie page on our website, we have a few downloads that you and you might find useful – whether you work in the industry or are planning a wedding right now.

Have a great week, we have the Wedding Planners Workshop coming up on Thursday 5th May and another week of lovely wedding news.

See you on tomorrow for our Saturday Supplier Shout out – we are talking to Elegance Bridal and then on Monday we chat about Destination Weddings! Lots of chatter coming up 🙂

Love, Marie x



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