I’m a Wedding Politician too

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Hello Wedding Belles!

Today Kate gives us a little insight and advice on keeping everyone happy when it comes to wedding planning. …

Image by Patryk Stanisz Photography

Weddings are my passion and I really do love everything about them except one aspect, the politics! I believe you should have the day you want, invite your most cherished friends & family, eat the food you love, listen to the music that gets you dancing and plan the day around you and your betrothed and what you both love! It would be amazing if it really was that simple wouldn’t it? As a Wedding Planner we get to witness the family (& bridal party) politics, trying to support the bride or groom and offer support and guidance along the way, it can be tricky and very upsetting at times trust me.

Mum is saying you have to invite your great aunts best friends daughter, who you haven’t seen in 20 years (or maybe never even met), nan saying you can’t have that alternative wedding outfit that you envisioned yourself wearing as it ‘wasn’t like that in her day’, or a burger street food van that isn’t suitable for your wedding breakfast because had you forgotten that Lisa is vegan and it’s unhealthy for the children. It’s no wonder that it can really increase your stress levels, test your patience and even make you consider eloping at times (we talk about that next week btw!) However don’t worry, it can all be managed and you can still have the day you want without causing a life-long family rift, trust us.

Image Kiah Weddings


So this is what we suggest you try. Make people feel involved by assigning them a task to take on board, something they are solely responsible for. As an example if flowers are not something that excite you, let mum choose some floral arrangements, or if your nan is amazing at baking, get her to bake your wedding cake. Have nights in with your bridesmaids/groomsmen and have wedding crafting nights, making decorations and little touches for the day whilst sharing a bottle or three of wine! It makes people feel like they are involved in your day and an important aspect, without you feeling like they are taking over or you aren’t having the day you want. Most of all, stick to what matters most to you, and keep grounded. If people have a task to carry out they are likely to throw themselves into it leaving the way clearer for you and your partner to steer them easily away from those decisions you wish to make yourself.

Image Gadbois Photography 

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes …

“remember you’re not getting married to impress a room full of people…. You are getting married to make the man you love your husband”

Most of all have fun with the planning, keep perspective and love the journey – or hand it all over to a trusted wedding planner 🙂

Talking of which, did you know we can offer you a talk-through of your plans so far at any stage of your wedding planning journey so just drop us a line or give us a call.

Take care Wedding Belles, love from Kate x


marie@isabellaweddings.co.uk 07973 423250


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