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This is YOUR wedding

Hi Wedding Belle, How was your weekend? Did you visit any wedding fairs or events?

We all know how I feel about Wedding Fairs, great for some – not so for others. However they are great for inspiration if you are brave enough to not actually sign anything on the day! I always think if you are rushed into anything (by a wedding fair day only offer for example) then unless you knew when you left the house that you would book a florist today, then what’s wrong with chatting to the supplier, taking on board their advice and then coming away to digest it before committing?

Sorry there I go again, right back to wedding inspiration….

Ikonworks - Hampshire photographer - images for Isabella Weddings-168
Image by Ikonworks taken at Brides the Show

So what do I mean by saying ‘This is YOUR wedding’? Surely you know that already?!

Although how many people have offered their opinion or advice to you so far? A lot of who you listen to has to do with budget (if your parents are paying for the reception for example you should let them have some input, no?) however it also has a lot to do with when and where your wedding is going to take place and what you love the most.

Angry Screaming Bride Throwing Veil on White, Copy Space
Pic from

So here are our top tips for keeping your wedding yours :

  1. Grab some paper, a pen and write down three of your favourite things. This might be food, music, love, friends, children etc. Then compare each others and see where you match, chat about why these things are important to you and see if you can focus your wedding to incorporate those things that mean the most to you in the world.
  2. Start your planning alone – or with a trusted Wedding Planner. Don’t involve everyone yet, you will have too many voices in your head and won’t be able to think straight. Start by chatting to your partner and when you know your venue or theme then start to ask for others input, if you want to!
  3. Be strong – when you know what you really want, don’t feel you have to justify yourself to anyone. This is your day and as long as those who hold the purse strings are supportive then plan to your hearts content, just remember to ensure your guests will be comfortable and happy, after all it is their presence that will make your day memorable.

Ikonworks - Hampshire photographer - images for Isabella Weddings-466


If you are concerned at all about where to start then drop us a line today to, we love to meet new Wedding Belles and want to help you with your wedding plans.

We are also here to help with your wedding related business and offer private consultations and workshops, just get in touch for more information anytime. or sign up for our newsletter here for lots of free advice and tips.

See you on Thursday when Kate chats to us about Keeping everyone Happy – is that possible!?

Love from Marie x

The above image was shot by Ikonworks at Penton park, with Louise Avery flowers, Hair and Make up by Sharon Dawson at Eye Candy and the model wears a dress from the Chanticleer collection at Brides of Winchester



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