Supplier Saturday – We chat to Love Umbrellas!

Ok so we live in the UK and we know a lot about rain, how it can come any day in any month, it doesn’t follow the rules of ‘winter only’. We also know it can make or break a wedding day – if you let it! So if you are planning a wedding or about to work at a wedding, why not have these guys on speed dial so you can turn a wet day into a shiny and smily day, what better way to cheer up a rainy day than to feature these stunning umbrellas in your photos and have some fun with our unpredictable weather.

Monochrome Umbrella Rossendale Photo shoot.jpg

Today we interview Love Umbrellas, I have know these guys for a long time and proudly sport my pink heart umbrella at the school gates as soon as the clouds start to show. Let’s see what they have to day to our supplier interview questions …

So tell us a little about yourself

I’m Klair, from Love Umbrellas – We make customised umbrellas for wedidngs, and beyond. You can plan for most things when organising your big day, but you can’t guarantee the weather – Not in the UK anyway!

We’re based in the North West, from a little valley town called Rossendale. We’ve been supplying beautiful brollies for just under 5 years now.


What made you want to work in the Wedding Industry?

I just absolutely adore anything wedding related… From hearing the proposal story, the ideas, the planning, and the fabulous day itself. To be in any way involved in anything wedding, is an absolute pleasure.

What do your clients love about you and your work?

They love that they haven’t seen anything like it before. Every bride and groom likes to add a few different things to their wedding to make it unique, and we fit the bill, but also in a practical way.

Love Umbrellas reflection higher res

What do you think makes a good wedding?

Just that the bridal party are having a great time, regardless of whether any hiccups along the way. I also love huge amounts of colour at weddings, when they’re so vibrant, fun, and lighthearted. Saying that, I also love understated and subtle! I think I could have planned myself at least 5 completely differently styled weddings!

What’s been your favourite wedding so far?

My own, for sure! It was just the perfect day, in every way.

We incorporated Pixar movies into our day, with music, lots of balloons, and a floating ‘Up!’ House cake!

Photo 08-07-2012 16 13 24

What is your top tip for couples?

Just relax, whatever happens, it’s about your marriage, and not whether the day itself goes perfectly to plan.
Whether it pours with rain, the bride spills red wine all over her dress, or people fall over on the dancefloor – The outcome is that you will be married by the end of the day.

Where can people find you?

Website –   

Email –

Twitter           – @loveumbrellas               Instagram – @loveumbrellasumbrellas

Facebook – /loveumbrellas                       

Thanks so much to Klair for chatting to us today and for sharing their love for all things wedding and umbrellas with us. If you would like to be featured on our Saturday Supplier Blog and chat to us about why you love the Wedding Industry then please do email us at  for more information.

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See you on Monday , Marie x

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