Friday’s Wedding Round-up

Hello Wedding Belles!

As you know every Friday I like to bring you my round up of what I’ve loved in the Wedding World this week, this time I have decided to look at Wedding Magazines, as there are so many out there so it’s hard to navigate through them all – maybe I can help a bit here.

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Ok so over to the print … what have I read this week (in no particular order)?

Love Our Wedding – visit them here


Ok yes I am biased as this is one of the fab magazines I write for and I ADORE their style and feel, truly inspiring. My first feature is coming out shortly where we talk about Wedding Planning Problems (more importantly how to solve or prevent them) be sure to keep an eye out for our first piece – Getting Started!  However I am also enjoying the website this week due to the Flower Girl post they added up a few days ago, as a mum of little girls I love reading about how to ensure these mini wedding party members are happy and comfortable so that they enjoy the day as much as you do – click the link above to read some top tips plus lots more advice and guidance.


Another new best buddy of mine is the team over at Bride Magazine and WeddingSite – pop over to meet them here  they have lots for you enjoy on the website and in the magazines! I love writing for these guys also and through my monthly blog feature with them I bring you a behind the scenes look at my own life as a Wedding Planner, including some of my top tips.

This week I loved their feature on this Snow White themed bridal shoot at Oakley Hall in Hampshire, I have planned weddings for couples at this venue before so it’s lovely to see them featured. Click the link above to read more but here’s a few pics from the shoot (Shot by Jennifer Sinclair) and our local magazine issue cover.

Another Bridal magazine I have always liked to check out is the totally digital Ultimate Wedding Magazine – see them over here and check out their post on a Summer Back garden wedding in Minnesota, shot by Photographer Jeannine Marie  . The post was put up a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to still share it as it feels so dreamy and summery, as we limp forward to our own UK summer – maybe!

Whether you love to browse the shop shelves to see what catches your eye, enjoy seeing your fav magazine drop through your letter box monthly or click online to open up the inspiration we love that there is so much choice, the only problem we can see is knowing  which ones you can spend your lunch hour getting lost in without missing anything!

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Most of all – enjoy the Wedding World – just like my two favourite mini Wedding Belles –

2016-01-24 08.54.43

Love from Marie x

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