Kate loves … Wedding Rings

Hello Lovely Wedding Belles, here is this Thursday’s post by Kate, head planner for Isabella Weddings :

I LOVE all things sparkly and think I may have been a magpie in a former life! Therefore I love jewellery so choosing a wedding ring and receiving an engagement ring for me, was so important and probably put a lot of pressure on my betrothed. For me as a bride and as a wedding planner, it’s not the value of the rings, what jewellers they come from, what carat the stones are, for me it’s that they fit my style, are beautiful, elegant and something I know I would be happy wearing for the rest of my life (after all that’s the intention isn’t it, planning on spending the rest of your life with this person you love so dearly).

Wedding rings on her fingers painted with the bride and groom, f

We believe the things you need to consider when choosing a wedding ring (and this for both of your to consider) :

  • What is most important to you?
  • What is your normal style?
  • What clothing do I mostly wear and does this suit?
  • Will it match my engagement ring?
  • Am I a silver, platinum, gold or another style person?
  • Will I still love it in 30 years time?
  • For the chaps or ladies that work with their hands a lot with manual labour jobs, you may need to think about whether it’s practical for work.


I am a firm believer that I do not buy an item of jewellery, especially one of any value, unless I absolutely love it. For me when choosing a ring I went to 10 different jewellers, tried on dozens of rings and although I really liked a couple, I couldn’t find anything I loved, that I couldn’t take my eyes off! In the end I went to a store where they allowed you to design your own ring from scratch and that’s what I did. I took aspects for around half a dozen different rings that I had seen and incorporated them all together to make my perfect ring. I chose everything from the cut of the stones, the shape, the milgrain edging on the sides, the width of the band and the shade of the stones.

I carefully designed and chose every aspect of the ring, with the help of the experts in the store and the end result was well worth the effort (& the 10 week wait!). It was a hard wait while the ring was being made and having nothing to reference it to as it was completely from scratch, but I now have my dream ring, which wasn’t as expensive as you would consider and I know I will be happy with it for the rest of my life.


Take your time when choosing ring, think of the longevity aspect of it and do not be pressured into making an on the spot decision. After all, your wedding ring is a life long investment. Do also bear in mind that if you are choosing your rings from a jeweller then you might need to allow a few weeks for re-sizing and possibly a few extra weeks for engraving (if this is your wish). So don’t leave this to the last minute, we suggest starting your real search around 6-4 months before your big day.

Please share with us your wedding ring journey, have you had any hassles or was it an easy choice for you – send us your photos too!

Love from Kate x

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