10 Things Every Bride Forgets

Ok so there’s bound to be one or two things that you forget when it comes to your wedding plans so a few years back I wrote this list for our clients. You can now use it for your wedding and hopefully things will run perfectly for you on your special day.

becky and matt field

10 things every bride forgets

Reserve those seats – remember to block off the front seats at the ceremony for your bridal party and make sure the ushers know where to direct people.

Pack a small essentials bag either for you or a trusted friend to carry on the day, pop some lipstick, face powder, tissues, nail polish, cash (for tips etc) and mints in there – as well as your phone if you can, to keep in touch with those missing guests.

What a headache – stress and tension on the morning of your wedding day can give you a headache, make sure you pack some painkillers to ward off any niggles before they take over your morning celebrations

All charged up – remember to pack those chargers for your phone and camera, don’t forget those essential boxes too for your dress and shoes – you’ll want to keep them safe!

Please stay – if you are staying at your venue overnight and have packed a bag, have you remembered your flat comfortable shoes – being on heels all night might have left you with sore feet and you’ll be grateful for comfort over breakfast. Remember to ask your venue to reserve a table for any overnight guests too so you can catch up on the evenings celebrations. Don’t forget your swimsuit too if your venue has a pool!

Off on honeymoon – have you checked for all the right visas and passport requirements? And remember to change your name before you go (you may have to take your wedding certificate along to some destinations so make sure you ask for a spare to leave at home)

Thank you! – OK so the wedding is over but there are still some tasks to complete, don’t forget to write your thank you notes as soon as you are back from honeymoon (pop some photo’s in too)

Totally Gifted – remember to assign someone to collect your gifts and transport them safely home after the reception, you won’t want to be thinking about carting round boxes in your dress and if you’re off on honeymoon you want to be sure your gifts are safe. This goes for any hired suits too, ask a trusted family member of friend to return these for you whilst you are away

Eat! – simple thing to forget but whilst you are getting ready don’t forget to have lunch, you will feel rotten without it and any reception drinks will go straight to your head on an empty tummy. Don’t forget to feed those suppliers too, a hungry DJ won’t thank you at midnight!

Save some for me – if you are caught up in the mingling at the wedding breakfast, make sure you ask someone to save you a favour, a canapé, a drink and a piece of cake, after all you put a lot of effort into planning these and want to ensure you get a taste of them


Ok so I thought of some more ….


1. Keep sakes – remember to save a sample of your invitations, you can add these to thewedding album or frame them afterwards. Your flowers can be pressed afterwards andpreserved for a keepsake.

2. Little people – make sure there is enough food and entertainment for them, don’t forget themat the drinks reception too and show your guests that you have thought carefully about everyfamily member no matter how small
3. Have a scheduled leaving time – at the reception make sure guests know when you areleaving, be it for the honeymoon or just to go change into regular clothes, some guests like to have a focused time to depart and may feel unsure as to when would be polite to leave if you are partying until the bitter end.
4. Under-where? My top tip is about what’s under the bridal gown, ok so you want to look stunning in your new lingerie but as we all know sexy underwear isn’t always the most comfortable, so for the actual wedding day pop on your M&S comfy knickers (he won’t notice!) and then secretly change before the final dance so you are not only now a supermodel under your dress but you have managed to stay comfortable all day!


I was never any good at Maths and I’m sure that’s more than 10 but hey, I hope it helps.

Remember if you’d like more free advice or some help from a wedding planner then visit our website here or drop us an email anytime.

Love, Marie x

The Wedding Expert

Founder of Isabella Weddings

marie@isabellaweddings.co.uk / kate@isabellaweddings.co.uk





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