I don’t like chair covers either

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Hello from Kate!

I know as a Wedding Planner I’m not supposed to say I hate chair covers, however I believe in being completely open, honest and transparent. If a bride or groom love chair covers and they have their heart set on them, of course I will find them the best, most beautiful, top quality and cost effective chair covers I can. Let’s face it some venues chairs are so ugly they NEED to be covered, however for my personal taste I do not like them.

As Wedding Planners many suppliers contact us about their products, asking us to recommend them, so when a Monika from FloraRosa Desgin (a chair cover supplier) approached me I thought oh no! However I have to admit after looking at their website at their ‘alternative’ chair covers, I was pleasantly surprised. What they offer is something different from the traditional full chair cover, they offered delicate organza flowers with brooches, lace trim ‘dresses’, colourful skirts and wrap arounds, something I haven’t really seen in this detail before.

Any time a supplier wants to show me their products I ask to see samples. I need to know what they are talking about, see what I am recommending, feel the quality and see the detail and when the samples came through I was not disappointed. The style of the flowers were fabulous, the quality was fantastic and the broaches used were simply stunning, I have fallen in love with the organza flowers in particular. They really ooze beauty and quality and stand out to be something quite different. I know they are designed the decorate the chairs, however I love them as a general decoration, they could be used to hang from the ceilings, attached to a table cloth and used in so many different ways. When I next have a bride or groom that is looking for something a little different, I will definitely keep FloraRosa Designs in mind.

They can be found here – http://www.florarosadesign.com and I urge you to pop over a take a look for yourself.

Remember if you would like any planning advice or support with your wedding journey just get in touch, we have a Wedding Prep Evening waiting for you!


Love, Kate x


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