How to reach your customer

How often do you wish you could sell to the right people so that your business feels more successful? Are you trying to sell to everyone, hoping that someone will realise you are perfect for them?

I have some news for you – not everyone is your customer. Here is why I think that …

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I hear it a lot, my clients tell me that they are plagued by customers who email them or call for prices and then never come back to say yes or no. Why is this? Are you getting it wrong, charging too much, offering the wrong thing, have they found someone else?

Newsflash: It might not be anything you are doing wrong.

I believe that most of the time you are simply targeting the wrong person, using the wrong advertising platform or wasting time looking in the wrong places for the customer you desire to have. Do you know who your customer is? What does he or she do for a living, where do they work, where do they hang out, what budget is their event etc etc. If you knew your customer more would you understand where to find them better – probably.

When you go into as ASDA store do they target the luxury market? No, they target the budget, money saving market. Why? Because this is their customer. They leave the luxury, over-priced items to Waitrose and M&S who have a different set of customers. Understanding your own customer type is key, trust me.

So how can you target the right people? You need to know who your customer is first. Look at your previous customers, is there a common interest between them all? Where did they find you? Are their weddings or events similar in any way? What do they all say about you after the event?

This can all help you to build a picture of your ideal customer, together with a customer profiling task (I have these in my handbook which you can download below) you can really understand who these people are and where they might find you. Then the rest is easy, you just put yourself in front of them!

If you would like to download my Wedding Professionals Handbook it can be ordered here where I offer more tips and worksheets to help you really grow and expand your business within the wedding industry.

See you soon,


The Wedding Expert

Isabella Weddings


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