I don’t need a Wedding Planner – do I?

In these frugal days of DIY weddings and money saving blogs, why on earth would you hire a wedding planner or co-ordinator when surely you can just save the money, plan it yourself and not give away the joy and excitement to a stranger? Right?


Yes of course some don’t ‘need’ a planner, but what about if you ‘want’ one or in fact want the money you spent on your big day to be perfectly allocated and everything to run like clockwork. So after 12 years of running a successful wedding planning business we have put together the top 5 reasons to get a pro on board. 

You’ll be very glad you did, I promise.

1) Contacts

Yes Google is a godsend to the newly engaged bride or groom, however if you want to cut out wasted research time and over spending then this is reason enough to hire a planner. Do you want to spend every lunch hour calling and negotiating with suppliers? Or traipsing around wedding fairs feeling like cattle at a market whilst suppliers stumbles over each other to prove they are ‘the best’ or even worse – the cheapest! A good planner will have done the hard work for you, know their favourites, can match you to the right supplier and can recognise professionalism and talent from a mile away. They would have already negotiated fees and understand the way each supplier works saving you lots of time and money (and heartache possibly).

2) Venue Knowledge 

The venue is probably one of the biggest decisions and expenses your wedding will face. Are you really sure you want to be an inexperienced customer at this crucial stage? A good wedding planner will know the local venues, understand their packages and best of all they will know how to ask the right questions when you visit. A bit like taking an Estate Agent with you view a house, they can point out the best features, give you ideas of how to use the venue to its best abilities and be able to get the most value for your budget. 

3) Stress-relief 

It goes without saying that wedding planning is stressful. There have been jokes and quotes made about the fact for years. After all you are mixing emotions with large sums of money (and throwing family in there too). Why wouldn’t it be stressful, it’s not like you’ve done this every month for years! We have though. We know where to cut costs, find solutions, use sensible shortcuts and most of all we can take all the stress away leaving you with the fun stuff!

4) Experience

You want to talk through ideas with your friends and family but their opinions might be a little heated or even biased towards their own tastes and previous plans. What happens if you fall out over colours or music choices with your bridesmaids, that’s not fun. A wedding planner won’t become emotionally involved in your wedding, they have a neutral viewpoint and can offer you their wealth of experience and can offer advice specific to your own wishes and budget.

Having someone on your side with experience is like always having a waterproof coat in case of rain. They can protect, guide and know what to do when. When you are spending such large amounts of money and making such big decisions can you afford to go in blind?

5) Money-Saving 

Ok we know planners cost money but usually we get our customers their fees back through time saved, negotiations with venues (we saved one bride £2000 once!) and suppliers as well as being able to get the best prices for items and goods on their behalf.

There is also the ‘value for money’ option. Many feel that because a wedding planner doesn’t have a product to show like the photographer or caterer for example, then it is hard to place the value of them within the budget. We disagree, a good planner will give you a shoulder to lean on, the benefit of her knowledge, be there on the day to ease your worries and manage everything for you. 

If you ran a large company you would have a PA yes? Someone to run the day to day smaller stuff so you can focus on what’s important? Think of a planner like this and you know their value is undeniable.

So the next time you ask yourself ‘do I really need a planner’ think again and ask yourself ‘do I want one?’ Instead.

Have a lovely week, 

Marie x




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