Let them eat (Kelly’s) Cake

kellys cakes 6

Written by Kate, 11th March 2016

As a self employed Wedding Planner for Isabella Weddings and a Wedding Coordinator for a 4* hotel in the New Forest, I get approached almost on a daily basis from suppliers and venues wanting to network, make contact, discuss their offerings and the option as to whether they can be added as a recommended supplier. From a Wedding Planner’s perspective this is helpful as it lets me know who is out there, who is being proactive and wanting to get themselves seen and their approach in doing so. From a professional standard, I tend to work with suppliers that I have worked with before, or ones who have really great reputations and I know will deliver excellent service and products to my clients. At the end of the day it is our reputation on the line when recommending a supplier, so I have to be certain they won’t let us down. Every now and then I work with new companies, or suppliers I haven’t worked with before simply because I love their work, can see their potential or notice that they offer something different and I will do this in a way which is at low risk to my clients.

In this day and age social media has such a massive impact in most industries and especially in the wedding world. Many suppliers start a Facebook page or Twitter account before they launch their website. Most will keep the images and reviews on their social media accounts more up to date than any other media. It is a great way to see their new work and what they are up to.

Before I even started my professional life as a wedding planner I followed various wedding groups and suppliers on my social media as I LOVE all things wedding, it’s a passion or a slight obsession if you will. And now as a wedding professional I am constantly on the look out for a supplier who really stands out from the crowd. This is how I discovered Kelly’s Cake Away (website). I like things a little out of the ordinary, something a little different, unique and creative and when I came across Kelly’s group on Facebook and subsequently her website, I fell in love with her cakes, her designs, her creativity and the sheer awesomeness of her cakes!

kellys cakes 8  kellys cakes 7

I love that she can offer the traditional, but also something a little different, completely bespoke to your requirements, and clearly has the talent to pull it off. I loved her designs so much that she is creating my wedding cake, I have also introduced her as a preferred supplier at the hotel, having her attend wedding fairs I organise and am introducing her as a supplier of Isabella Weddings.

When I invited Kelly to come and meet me so I could get to know her, talk about her business, the way in which I work and of course to taste some samples of her cakes, because not only do I need to know what I am recommending, but I love cake! Kelly was a ray of sunshine, so lovely to talk to, clearly had a passion for what she did and really cared about her work and providing a great product and great service to her clients.

This is the type of person I love to work with, I think passion in the wedding industry is absolutely vital, if you work with passionate likeminded individuals, you are always going to get the best service and quality that they can deliver. I am very excited to work with Kelly in the coming months and years and hope you all love her designs as much as me!

Here are some more of her fabulous creations …

kellys cakes 1         kellys cakes 3   kellys cakes 4        kellys cakes 5     kellys cakes 2

Do pop over to her website here and say Hi, try some cake and chat about your own ideas for your sweet treats!

Love, Kate x



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