Love you to bits! (Sweet things that is)

And who wouldn’t love these to turn up on your doorstep! When the Love to Bits team contacted me to ask if they could drop over some handmade sweets and favours to get my opinion I was delighted. We love to review new (and old) suppliers and whilst I am always up for a pretty invite or a unique decoration it’s always a privilege to review such exquisite handmade perfection as I found opening this box of lovely treats.

The Love to Bits team pride themselves on perfection, the presentation box given to me was delightful. Beautifully packaged and displayed with a wonderful personalised envelope containing all I need to know about the treats inside.

Upon opening the box I was stunned at the level of detail and beauty these treasures contained, they look far too good to eat! 

I didn’t know where to start, what a way to impress your guests! I opened one of the little packages in the middle. These are Happily Married Cakes originally from Brazil and are described as a ‘bold and glamourous inspiration for weddings’ offered at the end of the wedding reception as a favour these treats are said to have magical powers and bring sweetness to the happy couple. They taste pretty darn nice too!

This was how I would describe them :
It looks like a macaroon, with a crunchy sugary coating on the outside but soft inside, almost a sponge like texture. It has a caramel filling, not too sweet but easy to enjoy. It wouldn’t confuse the palette so could have it between meals or afterward without feeling you have eaten too much sugar. I really enjoyed these and couldn’t place them as a cake or a sweet, but certainly very tasty and moreish! 

We then tried the sweets, each beautiful in design, detail and packaged so delicately they would enhance any wedding table.

 Each sweet was unique, some contained fruit like this grape inspired one above that had a whole grape hiding inside. This sweet had almost a praline taste, again not too sweet but tasty.

Another was the Apricot with coconut fondant, I thought this was really nice to have the fruit as the central part. It takes away the sugary feel and somehow makes them more substantial and fresh.
Overall this was a box of delights like no other, I can see where these treasures would fit in many weddings and how the new generation of exquisite sweets has evolved. Well done Love to Bits and thank you for allowing us to try your amazing treats.
You can find this fab company here : , email them at or telephone them on 01903 446275.

We are happy to offer our professional review on your products, services and unique items. Please get in touch with us to find out how to submit your items for review –

See you soon , Marie x



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