I don’t like weddings

You thought I was going to follow that title with “I love them” – all Simon Cowell-like huh?!

Well ok, I do quite like weddings, even though I do sometimes wonder why on earth I ever got into this industry. So let me tell you why.

A friend asked me this week what I love about my job, my answer ? Winning. Ok so before you all sign off and go find yourself a nice respectable wedding planner, don’t. I’ve not gone all ‘boardroom competative’ on you. Although I do like to win.

What I mean is this, I love the challenge of seeing an event that I have been fully responsible for take off, I love seeing a bride smile so wide her cheeks hurt because we pulled off the day of her dreams, I love seeing my students faces light up when they get ‘it’. Most of all I love doing the impossible.

That ‘out of our price range’ supplier works a package to suit my couple, a few nifty budget cuts here and there mean that live band can be booked. Using my years of experience to guide a new wedding business owner tiptoe through the chaos to find a path that suits them.

It’s all winning, not for me (not always) but for them – the bride who thought it might all go wrong, the student that can’t cope and the coaching client that wanted to give up. I’ll win your goals with you, by your side. 

This is clearly me, waistline and all. When my hair was longer.

So the next time someone asks you what makes a good wedding planner you can tell them ‘one who likes to win’ because you can be sure she (or he) will make darn sure you get everything you want for your special day and within budget, without complaint because they want the win, for you and for their future pride.

We hold regular Wedding Planning Workshops for those couples who could use some input to their wedding plans, ask questions of the experts and benefit from a pro who has been there many times before. Just pop us an email for more info : 


See you next time! Keep winning!

Marie x


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