Why Kate loves Wedding Planning

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I love weddings, all types of weddings from church, to hotel, to a festival in the woods, all weddings are special. They are unique to the couple marrying and at the end of the day they are all celebrating the love and commitment of two people. Whether a couple asks me to help plan their wedding in a hotel or their back garden, each aspect of the day has to be considered fully. Such as the wording of the ceremony, the flowers, the decorations, the music style, entertainment for the day, food, which photographer to use, the legalities involved if the venue isn’t licenced, what facilities you need to provide your guests, thinking about the less able bodied guests, how to manage to any issues that arise along the way etc etc each wedding requires careful thought, consideration and dedication.


I do however have a favourite type of wedding to plan and I am currently planning one right now for an absolutely lovely couple. The wedding in question is one that I am unlikely to be asked to plan on the same level again. Let me explain, this wedding is a same sex wedding with a lovely couple who have been together over 12 years and finally decided to tie the knot. With this day & fabulous couple, I am given so much freedom to look at options I wouldn’t normally look at, to expand my creative mind to visualise this beautiful day with alternative style entertainment and with a couple who trust my judgement and professional opinion, making me feel appreciated and all the hard work I am putting in, is going to make an day amazing for this couple I really have grown very fond of.

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Together with them I am planning a glamorous festival themed wedding with a Moroccan vibe. This type of wedding is so much fun to plan and really opens my eyes to the alternative style wedding. Examples of just how different this wedding is, we are hiring a Latvian Cellist Band who have played Glastonbury, which we may have to fly over from Latvia for the wedding. For the evening we are having half goat half man characters prancing around the wooded area in which the evening part of the celebrations is taking place. We are having dwarfs dressed as circus ring masters mingle with the guests and one of the grooms will kick the evening DJ set off dressed as a Panda Bear (because he can). Along with amazing lanterns and festoon lights lighting the woodland and a giant mirror ball that will sparkle around the woods at night, this wedding is not only epic, but going to be so visually stunning. Full of fun, love and laughter and a massive celebration of these two wonderful people coming together.

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I have loved every aspect of planning this wedding including getting to know the fabulous couple, choosing flowers, searching for their alternative entertainment, hand picking each piece of furniture for the Moroccan décor marquee to helping write the ceremony. Every aspect has been a joy to work on and I am very grateful to G&T for allowing me to plan their day and entrusting this task to me. Although this wedding has taken far more hours than a more traditional day would have, I will be so excited to see it all come together this Summer and hope that in the future in my planning career I work with more couples that are as open minded as these fab guys and an opportunity to plan such an awesome wedding again!

I love my job!

Kate x

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