Be proposal prepared 

So if Christmas didn’t bring you the little box under the tree then maybe you’re hoping New Year is the time he(or she) drops to one knee and asks you that ultimate question – no, not ‘shall we download Luther’. 


Be honest now, you want to be surprised but you also dread being caught off-guard. What if you have waited for so long that the anticipation is near-exhausting. You of course might also be wrong, Christmas and New Year are cliche times to propose after all and your guy might not be that person.What if the ring is the wrong size (meaning it doesn’t fit your finger not it’s too small for your Facebook page and might bring embarrassment). 

On that note, let’s talk about ‘the acceptable ring’, my Instagram feed is full of huge diamonds, big sparkly showy rings and sarcastic quotes about inadequate spend or small offerings. Does it matter? When my now-husband proposed I didn’t once think ‘Ooh I wonder how much this cost him?’ I was too excited at the prospect that he loved me enough to spend the rest of his life with me, that I had found The One! I didn’t worry about what others would have thought, I just knew my friends and family would be so very happy for us.

It’s a bit like falling pregnant and being judged by the size or shape of your bump or weight of your newborn.

So if your special moment arrives sometime soon then make sure you are ready to accept (assuming you do!) with pride and love rather than checking how many karats the diamond has or if the band is white gold or platinum. There is a rule of thumb that states that a guy should spend around 3 months wages on your engagement ring, although not everyone has this much spare cash to dish out or indeed ranks this expense highly in their minds. Surely the priority should be : will it fit, will it suit her, will it last for life (unless you intend to replace it in a few years) as it will have to put up with years of washing up, make-up, sun cream etc

So remember, be surprised, be natural, be thankful and most of all feel the love that comes behind the ring – it could be anything if it means you get to marry your true match.

Happy New Year and enjoy being yo(unique).

Marie x

Ps if you’d like a free wedding planning session or advice on where to start then get in touch anytime, we’re here to help –


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