A is for Allowed…

So let’s do this alphabet blog thing that I’ve been wanting to write for months. Only why don’t we do it differently, instead of the predicted A is for Alter and B is for Bride lets mix it up a bit ….

So this week I’ll bring you A …. Is for Allowed. 
Despite what what the media might portray you don’t have to have the exact wedding that has been picked out of a magazine. You are in fact allowed to do whatever you want. Anything, at all.
Magazines, blogs, websites etc are all excellent for inspiration but if I can convince you to do just one thing when planning your perfect day, that is to stay inspired. Don’t act immediately on these lovely ideas, instead take your time and explore how you both really feel and want for your own celebration. Gather lots of hints, tips, thoughts, ideas etc and then take your time to see how each idea really feels when you look at it for the third or forth time. What does your gut say? What really feels right to you?

image – http://www.gretasday.com

Too many times as a professional planner I have seen a bride or groom become seduced by the latest trend or foody show and then before you know it they’ve paid a deposit and choice has been taken away once more. I’d love my couples to enjoy the journey more and not rush into anything because it’s the norm or what everyone does. Safe isn’t creatively enough for me personally and I only wish everyone could take a risk or two if it felt right to do so. Perhaps a wedding isn’t the right time to take chances but if you’re investing that much money then why not make darn sure it’s true to what both your hearts are shouting.

If you are planning your wedding right now or working with a couple as a professional wedding business owner then my advice is this, be strong and really focus on the things you love. Think of it like this, if you are given £20k to hold a party not a wedding (if that takes pressure off) or given a stash of cash to decorate your home in any way you like, does that change things? If you had free rein to hold a party just for yourself and not to please others what would you allow yourself to do?

Be brave. Allow yourselves to have what you want for your special day.

Enjoy! Love Marie x


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