Wedding day weight loss – goal setting or unfair pressure?

When Kate and I were out at a London wedding fair recently we were strolling past the many beautiful and inviting stalls when we came across a ‘Wedding Day Weightloss’ stall. Kate took a step back and said quickly “oh gosh I don’t like those types of businesses!” I have to say I kind of agree, after all aren’t you supposed to feel like a princess on your wedding day no matter what? Not a diet failure? But were we being too hasty in our dismissal of this opportunist company?

So here’s the debate : planning a wedding is stressful enough without the added pressure of dieting. Why should any bride have to conform to certain size in order to ‘look their best’? But then again, I like a goalpost and a deadline, maybe if you were looking to lose weight anyway then surely a wedding day was a good enough goal as any?!

On one hand you have the ideal goal, a chance to focus, an immovable finish line in which to reach feeling accomplished and a fitter, leaner self to show off on honeymoon. On the other hand dieting and weight issues are an extremely emotive subject, by creating a business which is targeting brides-to-be, are you simply poking at a weak spot? Finding a dress as an oversized bride is a horrible experience but it doesn’t mean a plus-size bride wants to feel pressured to lose weight. 

If anyone wants to lose weight surely they should just work on that, not use the wedding as an excuse, when stress is at an all time high and failure would be felt ten-fold – especially if your guests are expecting to witness a shadow of your former self. What better way to feel depressed on your wedding day than as a failure in something as well as feeling stressed to the eye balls from all the prior planning (perhaps).

Now I’m not saying that failing to stick to a diet before your wedding would be more upsetting than any other time, what I do know however is that your emotions are raw and exposed when planning a wedding. People watch for signs of cracks in the armour, finding out you can’t cope is expected of a bride-to-be in some circles so why add more pressure to this? 

Give yourself a break. If you need/want to lose weight then do it, but not for the dress, or the honeymoon, or your groom, or your guests. Do it for yourself and only that. 

Now where did I put that veg juice …

Love Marie x


One thought on “Wedding day weight loss – goal setting or unfair pressure?

  1. Great advice! I lost some weight for my wedding, I found it to be a great motivator. However, I completely agree that brides-to-be put far too much pressure on themselves, and weight loss should be for life, not just for wedding days 🙂

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