Train to be a Wedding Planner

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Do you ever wish you could have my job?

If you love wedding planning and have a creative flair then you’ll no doubt want to think about doing for a living. For some people trying to organise such a huge event can be extremely daunting, however for others planning every section of this awesome day comes naturally.

There are lots of online courses which promise to turn you into a wedding planner (some of which I tutor) and these are excellent if you want to take your time learning and are self-disciplined enough to study at home. I have mentored students for years and what I love most (and what they say they enjoy the most) is the 121 interaction we have when we work together face to face.

The energy created when people get together in a room and chat about the topic they love is priceless. I believe you can learn so much more by asking all those questions, listening to someone who really knows the industry well and by absorbing their experiences and stories; and of course by interacting with other like minded people.

becky and matt dancing

It was from this passion to support other new planners that I created the IW Wedding Workshops. These are 1 and 2 day events where we all get together in Hampshire (venues vary) and discuss in detail all the areas that a wedding planner would need to know and learn about. I pass on my experiences, stories, tips and advice on working with clients and how to make your business work – after all I’ve been here for 11 years so I have lots to share.

Now some students ask me if this ‘course’ is accredited which it isn’t because it isn’t a training course as such, it’s a professional development event. What I can promise you is that you will feel motivated, full of the energy with endorsement from me and the tools ready to start your own business. I am a University Lecturer as well as a qualified online distance learning tutor so I am able to structure the events just like a training course but I want you to enjoy this experience, learn from me and truly understand what it is to be a wedding planner and how you can change people’s lives.

Our head planner Kate trained this way with me and now runs all my wedding planning bookings, working with lots of lovely couples …. Give yourself the right start in your new role.

WP workshop certificate sample

Our next events are being held on

Friday 4th September in Southampton or Winchester

1 day event – £195 per person including lunch & refreshments

Sat 3rd and Sun 4th October in Basingstoke

2 day event – £325 per person including lunch & refreshments on both days

To book you just need to email me your details to and I’ll pop you over a booking form.

If you are serious about giving your new career the best start then come and join us, you’ll be so glad you chose to attend!

Love Marie x

Photo credit : (images from Becky and Matt’s festival wedding, full blog coming soon)


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