Budget Friendly Please


“I’m looking for a (ENTER BUSINESS HERE) wedding supplier and I want them to be budget friendly” …. what does that mean exactly? When you read that what do you imagine? I think ‘cheap’ but this might not be the case of course, their budget could be £50,000.

I wonder why brides often put that right at the start of an enquiry, like the price is the most important factor when choosing – or is it that they don’t want to attract the cowboys who might charge them a fortune for a bad service? After all what is ‘expensive’? Isn’t it relative depending on what you are looking for?

I shop for food at Waitrose, I don’t feel it is expensive (I don’t buy food based on price as i feel that reflects quality) so I buy food that I know will be at it’s best, not a cheap cut of meat or poorly maintained veg for example. I prefer to feed my family with healthy, excellent quality food and for me the price is irrelevant. Although I don’t feel that way about shoes or clothes always, I tend to buy what I like and what feel comfortable – rather than pay top end price.

So do we book suppliers this way I wonder, for example – if you are looking for a photographer and have no idea what constitutes a ‘good’ photo and don’t have much interest in getting amazing pics, then surely it’s pointless (for you specifically) to hire the most expensive photographer you can for your big day. Surely on this occasion you would be better off going for someone YOU feel is good, someone who shows you images that you really like and suit your wedding. OK so these might not be ‘perfect’ in the eyes of a super-professional experienced photographer but they are excellent in your eyes so doesn’t that make them the best choice?! (this doesn’t mean that you should go for ‘poor’ quality and be disappointed afterwards, that’s not fun)

If a particular service is very important to you then you should have the appropriate budget for what you feel is a fair price for what you want, not what the industry says you should pay. Cheap can of course mean poor quality but it can also mean ‘new business’ or ‘lack of business knowledge’ resulting in prices too cheap for the industry standard but perhaps a fairly good service can be gleaned from these newer or less experienced businesses. If I see something too cheap advertised then I feel I want to write to that supplier and explain that if they brought their fees in line with their skills and peers then they would get more business!

For Example – which looks more appealing :

Make up and Hair Offer – Bride plus 3 bridesmaids, full hair and make up at your venue £25 total!

Make up and Hair Offer – Bride plus 3 bridesmaids, full hair and make up at your venue £95 total!

The £25 one to me screams “bad product, poor service!!” there’s no way that supplier can sustain a business on those low fees, however £95 sounds like a more legitimate offer, normal price for this would be around £250+ so an offer of more than half would be a fab deal  …. too cheap can put people off.

The answer to this is education – if we as brides knew what was a fair price and what we could honestly expect to pay in our region, for the quality we want, the service we want then surely this would make life easier for us? There is so much choice and it’s hard to know who is good from a list of suppliers …

I have good news however, I am working on regulating the wedding industry, my new project will be with you very soon and it will open up a transparent look at the industry allowing you to make an informed choice for your big day.

See you soon , love Marie x


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