End of an Era

Jo and Andy wedding

As we head towards the weekend I am faced with the reality that on Saturday I will be attending my last ever wedding as planned by me. After 11 years of planning weddings here in Hampshire I have handed over the reins to a new and wonderful planner Kate. The time is right and I am ready for some very exciting new chapters in the years ahead, however it does feel a little sad to be hanging up my clipboard as it were, after working with so many wonderful people.

Bex and Matt

I have experienced many, many fantastic things – some good some not so! The stories I can tell you after 600+ weddings would fill a book …… actually funny that should come up as I have been writing a book this year and I am excited to say that it has caught a publishers eye and we hope to have it in book shops very soon! It is filled with lots of fun and laughter as well as tears and emotional challenges over the decade I’ve been working with brides and grooms. As you can imagine there are a few unbelievable moments that just have to be shared.

I am also off to Uni in the Autumn, I start as an Associate Lecturer to the Events Management students helping them to develop their studies within the wedding industry, an exciting way to pass on my skills and experiences.

Lastly – and this is the most exciting chapter for me – we will bring you an amazing new service this Autumn, one that will ensure the wedding industry is viewed totally differently by brides and one that regulates all those wonderfully professional suppliers …. It’s all still under wraps a bit but believe me when I say that this will change how we book and plan weddings forever – yippee! A true passion of mine has been to regulate the industry, have some transparency and clarity on good quality wedding service providers, we believe we have developed this answer … watch this space!

So for now, as one part of my life ends and a new part begins I leave you with some of my favourite images over the years …..

Thank you for being part of my life for so long.

Marie x

image    20130515-100041.jpg

Will&Nikki-357.jpg Mia       Lucy and Bill from Big Wave Flags kate and said 1      IMG_8030   20130910-155750.jpg

20130713-163055.jpg    20141006-175230.jpg

Adam&EmilyEngage-48.jpg Mia   IMG_9268

ErnieSatomi-0410   bex and matt 1

image7.jpg    believe



One thought on “End of an Era

  1. Hi Marie, I just want to wish you well with your future plans. Really excited about the ‘new plan’ wedding you mentioned. You will have to do one more blog when your book is published and give us the name!! Best of luck and i hope Kate keeps us all up to date and if she ever needs a wine supplier please tell her to get in touch.

    Janine (Discover Wine)

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