How I see the wedding industry…

So as I move onto a slightly new path with regards to what I offer to the wedding industry I have been pushed to really look at this wonderful world of love and creativity and wonder what would make it better?

Has the industry changed over the decade in which I’ve been a planner? Yes of course! With new exciting technology we are able to fully plan our wedding from behind a computer or through apps, we can send payment electronically and we can see our marquee is full 3D pre-wedding glory. Although does this mean we lose that personal touch along the way?

I meet lots of suppliers, old and new and the constant struggle lived by them all is ‘getting out there’ being seen, being heard and most of all spreading the word about what it is they can do. With a saturated market and hundreds of marketing or advertising choices how do you choose? 

Another frustration is those ‘cheap’ businesses, some are just unsure of how to price themselves and need some experience behind them. Some however are just out to undercut everyone and this isn’t fair, this has to stop.

If only your brides could shout out about you to others, surely that’s the best way to be heard? After all reputation is everything. 

On 21st May at Rownhams House in Southampton I shall be announcing my solution to this exact problem. If you want to know more come along to our Wedding Supplier Meet Up and hear about our plans to change the wedding industry for the better. for more info 

Thanks for reading, Marie x


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