Entertaining Children at Weddings



As a mum of two art-loving girls you’d think I’d know a bit about keeping little hands busy on rainy days! Well the same applies for sunny days – sunny ‘wedding’ days to be exact. Keep the little ones happy and everyone is happy, after all no one wants to be bored – especially if you are 3 and mum and dad are off chatting – again!

So here at Isabella Weddings we offer a range of entertainment options for children which can either be something to do whilst at the wedding breakfast table or setting up an entire craft area for the kids to enjoy all day.



Prices start from just £10 for a personalised box of goodies including crafts, bubbles, activities and more.

A craft corner can be as elaborate as you wish, why not set up a tent and blankets and let the little ones create away …prices start from £200 for 20 children as a guide.


Drop us an email with your requirements and we would be more than happy to pop you over some details on what we can help with – marie@isabellaweddings.co.uk

See you soon! Marie x

Prices start


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