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Why are you getting Married?

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It’s obvious isn’t it? Why would anyone get married – because they are in love and want to spend their lives with each other. (Apart from those slightly worrying weddings that involve green cards and the like! – anyway we aren’t talking about those!) I heard a quote this evening in one of my favourite films, it goes something like “True love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpart in another” and it made me smile, it says it all doesn’t it. That’s why we get married, so we don’t ever have to let that person go, we promise to be theirs forever, no matter what.

So how come so many weddings start to sometimes feel more about money more than love?

Of course a wedding is a celebration so why not splash out and push the boat out for this amazing day, we agree of course, however over the decade I have been running weddings it has often become very clear that couples can be forgiven for focusing more on what things cost or how they look to guests rather than how the day actually represents them as a couple, regardless of what you spend on the favours or wine.

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I have often felt quite strongly that couples should always aim to plan a wedding that inspires them, one that truly reflects them as a couple and their life together. This can be tricky for some, how do you create a wedding that is all about you when you don’t know where to start? So why not try this – if you were given £20,000 to re-decorate your home what would you do with the money, how would you spend it, would you have a theme or a style, what would you surround yourself with? This will give you a clear idea of your desires when it comes to style, hobbies and interests – this is a good place to start.

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We would always advise our couples to make sure that no matter what your budget that you always stick to your original wish list, keep focused and yes have the wedding of your dreams but remember this doesn’t have to mean expensive, it can be wonderful and small, intimate, non-fussy and simple. All weddings are lovely when they come from the heart, be it a £100k bash or a £2k party. The budget is irrelevant, spend if you can afford it and enjoy it, however if you can’t afford to splash out then remember the WOW factor doesn’t come from having the most expensive cake or photographer, it comes from having what’s right for you and your day.

“a wedding is a party not a performance, if at the end of day you are married to the one you love then everything went perfectly”

Enjoy the planning guys , Marie x


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