Fabulous Wedding Favours

This month I have been researching some amazing new favour ideas. Wedding favours have long been losing their place at weddings and I think they need a little push as there are some amazing little ideas out there! The favour originated from many many years ago when the happy couple and their families would give a small trinket box made from precious stones or porcelain and would contain some kind of confectionary. These symbolised the wealth and status of the family hosting the wedding (sugar was thought to contain medicinal properties and years ago it was an expensive commodity) and were given as a token gratitude for the guests attendance. These were then replaced over the years by the sugared almond, the bitterness of the nut and the sweetness of the sugar was thought to represent the ‘bitter sweetness of a marriage’. Today we have many new and wonderful creations to share with our guests, some of my favourites are here:

crcustom-fortune-cookies_unique-wedding-favors  images-7images-1 love-potion-favour-kits original_pack-of-fifty-badge-wedding-favoursimages-2 images-3 images-6images-9images-4 images-5 images-8


These images were from different sources during my research, feel free to tag yourself in the comments if one of these lovely creations is yours – the heart favour (last image) was a handmade paper plantable favour made by me!

See you soon, Marie x


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