Questions to ask your wedding venue

Thank you to lovely wedding blogger Lianne from Adore Weddings for this golden nugget of venue help, I’m happy to share this with you all…..

” Picking the place where you will be married and share one of the most important days of your life with friends and family is very important and exciting work. There are lots of questions that need to be asked when looking at venues so you can plan a wedding around what you and your partner want, for example, how much deposits are and the dates of when they need to be paid, the use of props, candles, lighting etc, are there any restrictions to the music, things like that. That is why Hitched have come up wit this fabulous infographic to help you pick a venue that suits you. Please enjoy! ”

Venue Questions









It’s tricky to begin the quest to find the perfect wedding venue, however with a good list of questions and a tick list of ‘must have’s’ you will be off to a good start. Don’t forget you can always email us for our favourite venue recommendations –

Thanks again to Hitched for this blog addition 🙂




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