A is for …. Our own unique wedding alphabet checklist

So from one of our girls comes this fabulous idea – a wedding alphabet checklist! Every week we shall offer our best tips from the last decade that we’ve been planning weddings for, some might be silly, some might be random – but we hope all will be helpful, enjoyable and maybe a little unique!

Thanks for the idea Steph 🙂

So a sensible one to start off with … A of course!

Apple ..? … Actually we think it should be for ‘Attendees’ , when you begin putting your bridal party together think about who you want to play a role in your big day, then why not ask them in a unique and fun way.

We love these ideas …

A ‘be my maid’ gift box of wedding stationery and ideas. From societybride.com

Or how about these labelled wine bottles as a unique way to ask from ‘myownlabels.com’


How about a personalised silver spoon?


‘premierbridehr.com’ have given us these gorgeous request cards which you could adapt to suit your theme


How about this fab photo idea from ‘bowtiesandbliss.com’ …


What about the boys??

A simple cigar from etsy.com is a nice unique way …


boards.weddingbee.com offer this great idea of a ‘Help Wanted’ sign attached to your mate’s favourite tipple.


Another simple but fun way to ask your groomsmen might be to send something like this from zazzle.com, a ‘qualified best man’ certificate!


There we have it, finding a fun way that shows you have put some thought into asking is a great way to set the vibe for your big day …

Send us your unique ways that you decided to recruit your ‘wedding team’!

See you next week for the B’s …..

Wedding love for now
Marie x


(It took us a while to work that out too ….)


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