We made it! A wet and windy wedding.

Some more news on our Whiteparish wedding!

Well thank goodness the rain has slowed down, unlike Saturday when we had every type of weather imaginable – rain, thunder, wind, sleet, hail, sun …. You name it we were out in it.

However despite this the marquee went up without a hitch and everything started to take shape, although the house was still a fair way off even on the Tuesday before – no driveway, patio unfinished and the place littered with rubble and workers!



So how was our bride surviving the stress during these final days? She was amazingly calm, she had faith in the builders and even though on Friday things were still far off from finishing she enjoyed welcoming her family from overseas and despite the cold and sore throat she was beginning to develop she remained cheerful – if a little tired (who wouldn’t be!)

So Friday morning was here and this was the house ….




Eeek! How on earth would this all be complete in less than 24 hours?! Time to call DIY SOS I think!

Saturday morning arrived and the house looked amazing, they had finished as best they could and all the rubbish was cleared away, the whole place was transformed! So nothing could go wrong now right?

Wrong – how about a power cut just to throw everyone into a spin? Yes the entire village was out, so a frenzied call round to generator hire companies began, wellies on and a quick transfer of the bride and her girls to a local hotel so they could actually have their hair done and we set to work on making the day perfect for these fabulous guys who had worked so hard to get to this day …

Here we are, in a blank canvas marquee – assessing the area ….

(Photo by Natalie O’Donovan)

Watch out for our next blog this week… Did we all manage to pull off an amazing wedding despite the stress, power cut, weather, building work ….?

A sneaky peak for you …




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